Cruisy photos

Husband had a five-minute fiddle on the iPad this arvo and discovered you CAN upload photographs to the blog if you have the special WordPress app for it ... right, ok. That would have been soooo handy to know/have pre-cruise. Oh well. That's what I get for being totally inept with technical stuff. Days 1... Continue Reading →

Pupu time

I finally went for a swim on Waikiki beach today. It was a bit cold - I'm a total water wuss - and rocky. They're having sand erosion problems. They got their original sand from Stockton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. That's right, Waikiki, the beach lover's wet dream, has been built from the sandhills... Continue Reading →


I've hit the ground running in Waikiki. The sales are amazing! The Ala Moana Shopping Centre is heaven (I'm particularly fond of all the middle-aged men wheeling their dogs around in prams.) Best score yesterday? (Aside from an $11 camping mattress from Walmart for Sprog 2 to sleep on.) A full-length striped Gap dress and... Continue Reading →

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