Cruisy photos

Husband had a five-minute fiddle on the iPad this arvo and discovered you CAN upload photographs to the blog if you have the special WordPress app for it … right, ok. That would have been soooo handy to know/have pre-cruise. Oh well. That’s what I get for being totally inept with technical stuff. Days 1 […]

I’ve seen the future and it sucks

Hawaiian Airlines has removed check-in counters at Honolulu Airport. Instead, you do it yourself at futuristic computer hubs. This is supposed to improve efficiency, but I’m thinking it just improves their bottom line. It certainly wasn’t very efficient for us. Husband had a return ticket, but me and the Sprogs only had one-ways, so we […]

The Hangover, except with a duck

After 22 solid days of drinking I finally managed to give myself a cracker hangover on the last day of my holiday. Well done Alana. I felt quite grim, even a mixed barbecue lunch, giant Diet Coke and cut-price shoes for every member of the family at a discount warehouse didn’t dull the nausea. (Sprog […]

Pupu time

I finally went for a swim on Waikiki beach today. It was a bit cold – I’m a total water wuss – and rocky. They’re having sand erosion problems. They got their original sand from Stockton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. That’s right, Waikiki, the beach lover’s wet dream, has been built from the sandhills […]

The perfect family holiday?

Hmmmm, that’s a tough one. We’ve done some amazing trips with the Sprogs in tow. But the “for” list has always been balanced out by an “against” list. And I’ve been wondering, after dragging two moaning, complaining Sprogs to the gorgeous Kailua Beach for a swim, then to a lovely Japanese temple in the hinterland, […]

Toilets with benefits

On balance, Waikele Outlet Mall isn’t totally awesome. If I had my druthers, I’d be transported via Tardis to the outlet mall in New Jersey. It had a much better Barneys (Penguin Original for women rocks); and a fabulous Lucky Brand outlet (yes, yes, I know 75% of the stuff there is naff, but 25% […]


I’ve hit the ground running in Waikiki. The sales are amazing! The Ala Moana Shopping Centre is heaven (I’m particularly fond of all the middle-aged men wheeling their dogs around in prams.) Best score yesterday? (Aside from an $11 camping mattress from Walmart for Sprog 2 to sleep on.) A full-length striped Gap dress and […]

Oooooh, the tits are getting bigger

I went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday. It was fabulous. They measured me and I’ve miraculously transformed from a B cup to a D cup since the last time I bought a bra. Admittedly the last time I bought a bra was several years and eight kilos ago, but … Still quite exciting. I’ve never thought […]

Day 19: Nine reasons to be grateful

1. That I haven’t been ripped off by a Nigerian con-artist. Six months ago, I sent a $1200 cheque to a bloke called Norm Tetu. I found Norm on website where people buy and sell timeshare weeks. I bought his week at a Waikiki apartment complex. And I’ve worried ever since that it was a […]