I’ve hit the ground running in Waikiki. The sales are amazing! The Ala Moana Shopping Centre is heaven (I’m particularly fond of all the middle-aged men wheeling their dogs around in prams.) Best score yesterday? (Aside from an $11 camping mattress from Walmart for Sprog 2 to sleep on.) A full-length striped Gap dress and orange Gap T-shirt for $31! The new Gap designer is muuuuuch better than the old one, there was heaps of stuff I liked, which never usually happens at the Sydney store. I’d have tried more on, but there was a little person tugging at my arm, begging to go back to the apartment so Daddy could put batteries into her new walking puppy she got instead of a dolly at Walmart. The Marc Jacobs rack at Neiman Marcus was disappointing. All this silk – too much trouble – 60s mod stuff that didn’t twiddle my knobs. Fortunately I’m heading back this arvo and will have a sticky at the Nordstrom rack this time. Yesterday’s biggest score? A little Marc Jacobs handbag for $128! Possibly I should have checked that my wallet fitted in it first. It doesn’t. So it looks like I’ll have to get a new wallet … Another fab purchase was bread without high-fructose corn syrup as its second ingredient after flour. Hurrah! The festival of the credit card continues at the outlet mall tomorrow. We’re heading there en masse, aside from the non-shoppers in the family, Husband and Sprog 1, who are going to swim and battle each other on the apartment’s Playstation instead.

2 thoughts on “Shopalicious

  1. The Ala Moana mall is usually the first “sight” I recommend seeing to most Australians visiting Hawaii. I maintain you can buy a whole new wardrobe there and save enough on the clothes to cover the cost of your trip.

    • Am dragging Stu there in the next day or two. He needs a new suit. Loads of stuff on sale. Mind you, I just got about 10 things for $100 at GAP outlet this arvo. Oh my giddy aunt!

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