Confronted and puzzled

I’m not sure how I feel about these virtual meetings that have been thrust upon us by COVID-19. Actually, I am sure how I feel. They’re great for everyone except me. I am not looking forward to the one I’m joining at 9am. It’s ironic because I’ve been banging on about it being a wonderful […]

Wanting to scream

I went for a socially distanced walk with my sister yesterday and mentioned that life feels like a crazy movie plot right now … not quite real. There are other parts of it that feel far too mundanely real, like how much teenagers eat when they are home 24/7 and how much mess they make […]

Not as scary

Long before COVID-19, one of the eldest’s favourite movies was Contagion. At his request, we watched it again last night. Eeeek! Weirdly, it wasn’t as scary as I remembered, despite the disturbing parallels with the current pandemic. However, we both agreed we’d be even more vigilant about washing our hands moving forward and the eldest […]

Making a last dash

I felt like such a dodgy bugger yesterday as we furtively ducked up to our local shopping centre to get art supplies. My local Facebook page is filled with people railing about how everyone should STAY AT HOME. Although, one woman posted an ill-considered remark that she was wandering around the shops yesterday and could […]

The upside in all this

Upon reflection, I’m not sure Zombieland Double Tap was the best choice of movie to watch last night en famille in the middle of a pandemic. I felt a bit unsettled and nauseous afterwards … although maybe that was from overindulging in homemade fish and chips for dinner. Actually, nothing feels quite right at the moment. […]

The unanswered co-parenting question

I felt a bit punch drunk when I heard New Zealand was going into total lock down for a month. I’m also feeling belatedly freaked out that I was blithely sitting in restaurants a few days ago, while the coronavirus rampaged its way through Australia. I remained socially distant and obeyed the rules – as […]

Going out with a bang

It was with a degree of disbelief that I awaited the official confirmation that Australia was in coronavirus lock down last night … while simultaneously feeling a certain degree of disbelief that it took so long. But it’s bloody tough thing to call. Still, I can’t help thinking our pickle wouldn’t be quite so big […]

One thing doesn’t change

For as long as I can remember, my sister and I have celebrated the kids’ birthdays at a local teppanyaki place. It’s the opposite of fancy, with chipped laminex on the tables and peeling paint on the walls, but the kids love it. Last night we gathered for the youngest’s 14th birthday (oh, and mine), […]

Finding 50 things to worry about

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. There were so many things to worry about. Should I cancel getting my new garage doors? Will I get my money back from Hawaiian Airlines? I must warn the youngest (again) not to throw grapes into the air and catch them in her mouth because she […]

My weird birthday

My 52nd birthday started pretty well. DD took me to Avalon headland for coffee and a bean burrito, while we gazed at the most gorgeous view. Cheers! Then I drove home to be with the sick youngest, who appears to have tonsilitis (coupled with a fear of going back to school). My ex informed me […]