Making a last dash

I felt like such a dodgy bugger yesterday as we furtively ducked up to our local shopping centre to get art supplies. My local Facebook page is filled with people railing about how everyone should STAY AT HOME.

Although, one woman posted an ill-considered remark that she was wandering around the shops yesterday and could pick stuff up for anyone in isolation. Heart in the right place, but “wandering” around the shops isn’t something anyone should be doing right now.

I would prefer to hibernate at home – with the occasional bolt to DD’s place – but the shutdown caught us by surprise and the eldest is mainly doing art and design subjects at school, which turns out to be a problem when your new classroom is your bedroom and all the art supplies are at school. So we quickly hit Riot, Eckersley’s and Officeworks (as all had patchy stock).

It was very quiet at the shopping centre, but not totally deserted. All the fashion stores were empty – I figure most people have decided it would be unseemly to shop for a new skirt during a pandemic …

All our shopping other than for groceries will be completed online from now on. The kids are getting very sore backs as they don’t have proper desks or chairs at home, so I will need to order some.

My garage doors are apparently next in line to be assembled, so I just need to get them installed and then a bit of gyprocking done and the eldest will have a study/rat space to call his own.


Once that’s done I can start rearranging furniture and get the place cleaned up. It’s a MESS – dirty, dusty, crammed with overflow from the garage. I have no idea how I’m going to do video conference calls in this brave new world of virtual meetings.

I’m also finding the bandwidth issues slightly challenging. It took me most of the day to upload an International Women’s Day video to YouTube. While I waited I wrote lots of stories about alcohol in the age of coronavirus. Western Australia has just implemented alcohol restrictions to stop panic buying. Only three bottles of wine per visit – yikes!

However, my little challenges are nothing in the grand scheme of things.

As one of my blog followers noted: “I’ve been thinking of families with disabled children – autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities. Their respite is withdrawn if children are not at school. An adult intellectual and physical disabled adult has lost his respite care. So the parents are home all day with no respite. Also thinking of the poor victims of domestic violence with no time away from their abuser.”

I have another friend whose adeno sarcoma has come back with a vengeance in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. She’s facing chemo next week after weeks in hospital and numerous operations.

Yep, my minor hurdles are nothing to worry about.

Speaking of worry … I’m trying to stay positive by avoiding scary videos about the coronavirus and just watching the funny ones.

Thank you Megz for this one:


It makes me laugh every time I play it.

Take care. Stay well. Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Men without Hats “Safety Dance”

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