Curl up in a ball

I don’t want to pack up my house. I’m sick of it. I want to curl up in a ball and curse the world instead. Don’t worry, it’s a passing phase. I’ll be all sweetness and light once this shite fight is over. I am giddy 90% of the time, trust me. But right now, […]

How could I have missed this milestone?

HouseGoesHome celebrated it’s 3rd birthday this week and I forgot. In my defence, I’ve been a little distracted. In a stressful but good way. I’m feeling really excited about moving house and moving on generally. A corner has definitely been turned. That’s not to say I haven’t felt deeply pissed off about packing up the […]

Everyone has places they won’t go

When people come to dinner I ALWAYS check if there are things they don’t eat. It’s probably because Husband was so thingy about pork products – he’d always hassle me to remind hosts because they’d invariably serve it up (my sister made a habit of it when my marriage started to crumble, bless her). Anyone […]

All by myself

When I first separated from Husband and freaked out about HIS days – the ones when I wouldn’t see the kids – he told me I’d grow to enjoy the time by myself. I was furious that he’d regard it as some sort of bonus. But I’ve decided he was a tiny bit right. Terrible […]

My week: I wanna be a cowgirl

I was going to call this blog “My week: kinda sucked” but I thought it might turn people off. Being gazumped and packing 23 years of my life up weren’t the most awesome ways to spend a week, although I DID manage to buy the most awesome pair of cowboy boots as a divorce present […]

Tips for the newly separated selling their homes

A divorced friend squeezed my hand the other night and told me next Friday will be tough. That’s when final settlement on the house occurs. It’s also when I transplant all our stuff to the new rental. But my friend wasn’t talking about the physical brutality of moving, she was referring to the emotional impact. […]

Invincible or loony?

It would seem I’ve replaced house-buying stress with hormonal viciousness. Oh the vile slurs I’ve been silently hurling at Husband as I pack up the whole freaking house ON MY OWN while HE’S ON A SKIING HOLIDAY. Goddamn him and his middle-aged dash from responsibility. Good riddance! Since watching Monty Python And The Holy Grail with […]

House narrowly avoids homelessness

Sometimes I wonder if I deliberately seek out high-stress situations. Take this week (and it’s only Wednesday morning) where I made offers on two houses and missed out on both. The first – a brand-new semi – had been dragging on for weeks as my solicitor argued with their conveyancer about the fact there was […]

My wedding speech

So I found this last night in the attic. It’s mainly lots of thank yous, but here’s the bit about Husband: A lot of people say Stuart and I are made for each other, which is funny because we’re so different. He found our Spanish trek exhilarating, I found it harrowing. He’s a night owl, […]