I can’t wait any longer

I am not a patient person – keeping quiet about the new website I’ve created with DD has been sooooo hard. Due to our busy lives, it’s been many more months in the making than I expected. I’m thrilled with what I’ve built, not being the most technically inclined person. It feels a bit like […]

The gun incident

I was driving home from DD’s on Saturday afternoon when I saw flashing police lights in my street. There were police cars everywhere and the cops were directing everyone away. I took it as a sign I should head to my sister’s house for a glass of wine. When I got home about an hour […]

Wiped out

It was so freaking hot in my neck of the woods yesterday. I went to work early and hid in the air-conditioned office for most of the day, before ducking home to grab the youngest and head to the beach. Sadly, the waves were pretty crap – very big and dumpy with strong currents. But […]

I can’t imagine doing it alone

Marriage break-ups create so much collateral damage. I’m very grateful that my ex and I have managed to minimise the fallout for our kids. We were together for 23 years – there were a lot of happy memories and experiences in our relationship. Acrimonious break-ups mean never being able to reminisce with the person who […]

Don’t get too excited

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child. I booked the Waikiki accommodation last night for our stopover on the way back from the World Skipping Championships. Finally pressing the “book” button came after many hours of searching and stressing, stressing and searching. I ended up getting something on Air […]

Packing it

I’m packing it because I’ve decided to drive my daughter from New York to Ottawa for the World Skipping Championships. We fly into New York the week before the competition begins. I checked out plane flights from New York to Ottawa and it seems to involve either vast expense or two stops and more than […]

Laid bare

A lot has happened since we last spoke. As it tends to do. I went for a walk with my friend Fee and gave her the high/lowlights on Saturday and she said: “All that happened this week???” Yup. Here’s a selected slice of it: I found a lump in my right boob early in the […]

This is a bit exciting

Remember me saying I wanted to go back to New York one day? Well, I’ve been hitting the discount travel websites and it seems I can fly the youngest to the World Skipping Championships via Hawaii AND New York at a not totally insane price. Just a slightly insane price. With Hawaiian Airlines. Maybe. Possibly. […]

My Mr Darcy

The youngest’s social life has eased off since her besties went away on holidays, so she’s been lying around at home all day while I’m at work. This means she is unusually keen for my company when I arrive home from work. In past years this would have meant playing dominos and Jenga together, but […]

Doing a runner

I’ve been lucky enough to live overseas twice in my life. I spent two years in Singapore as the editor of CLEO magazine and almost a year in New York as the wife of Knight-Bagehot Fellow. The Singapore stint came a couple of months after I got married – we had the most awesomely carefree […]