Bad dreams

I’m pretty good at letting anger go and putting things behind me … eventually … my marriage break-up being a case in point.

But I still haven’t gotten over an incident at the World Skipping Championships two years ago. I can’t blog about it, which is my usual method of therapy.

I’ll always remember what happened with a certain fury. We committed so much money and time to that trip — what happened cast a cloud over it all, including the team’s performance.

People can be awfully self-focused sometimes. And gloriously unselfish at others. Humans are complicated like that.

I had a bad dream about the incident yesterday that woke me at 5am. I have no idea why it bubbled back into my sub-conscious, but I was so unsettled that I couldn’t get back to sleep. The distress clung to me for hours.

Cue a weary start to the day.

At 6.30am, I asked the youngest whether she wanted help making her lunch for her first day of school. She snapped my head off because she wasn’t dressed, which I found highly ironic considering how much of her body is on display at the beach.

Oooooh I swore a lot under my breath.

But I took a deep breath and drove her to a distant bus stop for her first commute to her new high school. The whole trip – without a lift from mum – will take around 90 minutes each way.

The youngest was very cool, calm and collected about starting Year 9 at her new high school …. at the tender age of 13. She’s a marvel and a wonder.

When I got home from work yesterday and asked how her day went, she perched herself on a kitchen stool and told me with wide blue eyes that two Year 9 girls tried to kill each other – literally – within 10 minutes of the bell ringing at 9am.

They’ve both been suspended. Not bad going for their first day back at school.

Hopefully not a sign of things to come.

The youngest has already met lots of people at the new school, but not made any friends yet. She doesn’t seem bothered and is happy to go back again today.

She hasn’t spoken to any boys.

Everyone else’s skirts are shorter than hers.

The teachers seem nice.

There are only five periods instead of six.

She can do stand-up paddle boarding for sport.

That pretty much sums it up.

The bad dreams day ended with me paying $3720 off the youngest’s Optus bill instead of $37.20.


After a very long time on hold to the bank they informed me BPAY recalls can take up to 10 days.

Grrrrr. Why?????

Fortunately, it’s almost the weekend and mine is going to be VERY exciting … I hope … and bad dream free.

I’ll reveal all the juicy details on Monday.

I hope you have an awesome one too.

Song of the day: Chris Isaak “Baby did a bad, bad thing”


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