Receiving feedback

A sweet 20-something HR person called me yesterday to tell me I didn't get a job that I interviewed for last week. She hadn't been on the interview panel, which was a grim 45-minute affair that left me feeling like I'd been through a police interrogation. She'd just been tasked with the unhappy job of... Continue Reading →

Acting your age

My mind was a bit blown yesterday when I discovered Jack Nance was only 47 when he played Pete Martell on Twin Peaks. I thought he was OLD. He’s the one who drawled the iconic “wrapped in plastic” line in the first episode. And I didn't realise he was also the lead character in Eraserhead.... Continue Reading →

Quite shaken

You'd think Victorians have suffered enough after being in lockdown more than they've been out in the past 18 months, but no, Mother Nature sent them an earthquake yesterday. My sister in law who lives in Melbourne reckons its the biggest and longest earthquake she's ever felt. It went for a good 20 seconds and... Continue Reading →

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