Bad eggs vs good ones

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I had an uneventful weekend.

Hello, what?

Yep, absolutely no dramas. I’d like to say I slept like an angel too, but I’ve had a devil of a job nodding off. I’ve been tossing and turning as I fret about freelance projects and potential jobs.

However, my days have been very chilled. I went for a walk on Saturday morning, took the youngest to work, drove to DDs and had a Vietnamese salad bowl by the sea, then picked the youngest up and got fish and chips for dinner.

The kids request fish and chips about once a year. Then they realise they don’t actually like it. Same thing happened on Saturday night. We opened the greasy boxes, took a few bites and lost our appetites. All that batter and fat doesn’t hit the spot. We’ll learn our lessons eventually and go for the grilled stuff. Although …. I did enjoy putting a leftover potato scallop in the toaster for my lunch the next day. Genius!

On Sunday, I went for another walk, did the grocery shopping, tapped away on the computer for a while, then returned to DD’s for a Zoom call with some of his uni friends.

Everyone in Sydney is starting to look a bit bedraggled without our hairdressers.

That hasn’t stopped me making another Tik Tok video. DD reckons its my best one yet, other than me having lipstick on my teeth in one of the snippets. Watch it below …

The youngest had a go at me for using a terrible filter in the video and I explained that I picked the one that hid my wrinkles the best.


The tapping on the computer included getting a head start on my Drinks Digest stories for next week – such as CUB releasing an Ode to the Pub (pic above).

I have a busy few days ahead with freelance stuff and sitting on the phone to Centrelink trying to sort out another stuff up. So, in preparation for a hectic, frustrating Monday, I pumped out five drinks news updates on Saturday.

I also published the first in a series of headland walk articles on The Thirsty Travellers – Killarney Point. I’ve even added a bit of history into it. Here’s the link.

Speaking of bush, the tick bite I received last week is giving me trouble. I’ve had an allergic reaction and there’s a big egg on the back of my head. I’m not suffering any other negative symptoms at this stage, so hopefully I don’t develop an allergy to meat or anything.

Fortunately, there are good eggs in my life too. The egg chair I bought on Facebook Marketplace last weekend has been a big hit. The youngest eats her poke bowls in it every day, while the eldest has been weaving friendship bracelets while nestled in it.

I am so happy to have enticed them out of their bedrooms into the fresh air.

Hope you had a chilled weekend too.

Song of the day: Jackson 5 “Can you feel it?”

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