Hello possums

There’s a surprising amount of wildlife wandering around my new inner-suburban location, and I'm not talking about the rats at night or the parade of oodles by day. There was a bush turkey strutting around the beer garden of my local pub on my last visit and a few bin chicken have been sauntering down... Continue Reading →

Bringing her home

The incredible force of nature that is my high school friend Tracy Chapman is in Sydney this week. She caught the train down from the north coast for the closing submissions in the second judicial inquiry into Kathleen Folbigg's case. Tracy was all over the news yesterday being amazing and articulate in the battle to... Continue Reading →

Into obscurity

Longtime readers of HouseGoesHome may remember me frightening a young whippersnapper many years ago at Mamamia by babbling about being a journalist during the Recession. I was telling her about my evening plans and happened to mention I was having a drink with someone that I'd known forever and somehow the phrase “we met during... Continue Reading →

I bought something!

I am very excited about buying a piece of Michele Heibel's art on Friday night. Remember the exhibition I mentioned last week? Well I drove to Gosford Regional Art Gallery after work on Friday afternoon, picked up DD's sister who lives nearby and we went to the opening of Michele’s exhibition together. Here's how the... Continue Reading →

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