Late to the pyjama party

I’d like to send a big thank you to the pioneering legend who decided that satin pyjama pants should become daywear.

I wore a pair to work yesterday and they felt awesome.

I’m not so sure about the pyjama pants AND pyjama top patterned combos that some people are wearing, but never say never …

According to Grazia, it’s one of the most unusual, but easiest, trends of the past few seasons – “in fact, some are already arguing that sleepwear is replacing sports luxe for all-day comfort dressing”.

Meanwhile, Jacqui Hoang, founder of Sleeping With Jacques, says its a knock-on from COVID-19 lockdowns: 

“Activewear is no longer something people just wear to the gym, so sleepwear as daywear felt like a natural evolution,” she reckons.

I’m a bit late to the pyjama party trend, which I suppose is what happens when you hit your mid 50s.

I’d been gazing in faint horror at the head-to-toe pyjama-style outfits on my commute to work, then I wandered into my retail weakness – Zara – after a rum tasting last week and couldn’t help stroking a pair of silky pants. I didn’t even try them on, I just took them to the counter and handed over my credit card.

(NB: Zara really doesn’t deserve my adoration because it sizes me as an XL. Sooo mean!)

I’ve been idly wondering ever since if I should have bought the matching top. Instead I wore them with a black singlet, black suit jacket and black leather Converse to work yesterday.

Soooo comfy.

DD would not be stoked. He prefers me in skinny jeans. I bought a pair of those too, stretchy ones from Kmart. An excellent use of $15, especially since I have fantasies of losing a few kilos before I go on the cossie-wearing holiday I’m leaving you in suspense over … mainly because I haven’t paid the deposit yet.

I wouldn’t want to spend a small fortune on jeans that will be too big for me in a few months time … don’t you love wishful thinking?

Loose, drawstring pyjama pants on the other hand …

Song of the day: Pajama Club “Golden Child”

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  1. I didn’t even know daytime PJs was a trend. Maybe things are different in Canberra lol. The Zara pants with singlet and jacket combo sounds like a fab outfit.

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