It could be a coincidence

I started feeling very ordinary at about 8.30pm last night.

It was annoying because I’d just had a lovely dinner with my sister at the pub. We were walking home when the blergh symptoms started.

I felt overheated despite it being 18C outside. Fatigued. A bit crampy. Nauseous.

After my sister headed home, I remembered I’d had a COVID booster shot at 2.30pm.

I hadn’t immediately made the connection because the booster shot side effects don’t normally hit me under 24 hours afterwards.

Maybe it’s a just a coincidence and it wasn’t Pfizer flu. I’ll let you know when I’m vertical.

I wasn’t officially due for a booster shot because you’re not supposed to have one until six months after your last infection. It’s only four months since COVID nearly killed me at Christmas.

But a little getaway I’ve booked requires me to be “fully vaccinated” so I lied to the chemist to get the jab.

I told the chemist I would send the eldest over for a shot to ensure he was fully vaccinated too. The chemist told me not to bother if the eldest had already received two jabs.

It turns out “fully vaccinated” just means you’ve had two doses of vaccine at some point, which is pretty bloody ridiculous when we had our second doses in 2021. Ain’t no way that’s protecting anyone in 2023.

So it’s unfathomable why my getaway requires proof of my ancient, obsolete protection.

Whacked. Totally whacked.

But I don’t regret getting the jab yesterday, as winter is coming up. I might even get my first-ever flu shot. Apparently the latest flu doing the rounds is worse than COVID.

You can’t be too careful at my age …

Song of the day: Peggy Lee “Fever”

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  1. I got my booster and second ever flu shot too and both knocked me off my feet for a couple of days but how beautiful is it to know it’s only a couple of days!!

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