I didn’t see that coming

I've had some nasty bosses in my time, but I've also had some awesome ones. Julie, who I worked with at Singapore CLEO at the turn of the century, was one of the best. (Wow that makes me sound old. To me, the turn of the century still means 1900. These days it means 2000.)... Continue Reading →

The results are in

For anyone with a kid who did their HSC last year, yesterday was a pretty big day - they finally got their results. Of course, I forgot. How much longer do you think I can keep blaming things on brain fog? The eldest has been enjoying adulthood by sleeping away from home for the last... Continue Reading →

Side effects

Recovering from COVID is a bit like pregnancy. You can't consume things you usually love because they make you sick and you feel knackered all the time. I had the worst morning sickness when I was pregnant. There were many days when the only thing I could stomach was grilled Kraft cheese slices on toast.... Continue Reading →

What do you wish for?

Events over the last two years have made a lot of people reassess their lives and the things that matter most to them. They’re switching careers, starting their own businesses, moving interstate, deciding on sea/tree changes, becoming artists … A blogging friend, Magenta, has done all of the above. She’s moved from Queensland to a... Continue Reading →

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