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Warning: this blog post describes lady plumbing issues. The doctor rang yesterday afternoon with the test results from my wee sample. There was no infection remaining, just a bit of blood. There has been a bit of blood in my urine samples for about three years now, but I have been studiously ignoring it because... Continue Reading →

What a weekend!

Guess where I've been for the past few nights? Adelaide! I scored an invitation to Coopers Brewery's 160th anniversary celebration. In May 1862, 10 years after arriving in South Australia from Plymouth with his young family, stonemason Thomas Cooper recorded his first brew. And, on May 20, 2022, Alana arrived at the Freemasons Hall in... Continue Reading →

Living with the grief

My heart clenched yesterday when the NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman said he would be making an announcement about Kathleen Folbigg at 1.45pm. There were so many ways the announcement could have gone. Earlier this month, journalist Quentin McDermott noted in The Daily Telegraph that Kathleen could possibly face five potential outcomes arising from the... Continue Reading →

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