I’m outta here!

I’m a bit - OK, very - stressed about everything I need to do before leaving for Shanghai. I felt shaky as I left the office yesterday. As I'm working from home today, there were heaps of loose ends that needed to be tied up. Of course, as things always go, I was in back-to-back... Continue Reading →

Holiday guilt tripping

The youngest was horrified that I went out to dinner last night and abandoned her for two hours. It's ironic considering my blog post yesterday was about the kids disappearing to their rooms every night and leaving me on my lonesome. Still, I felt guilty about leaving them. But it's hard to pin down my... Continue Reading →

Never enough

Just when you start despairing for humanity, people surprise you by doing something wonderful. Like those divers who risked their lives to rescue a boys' soccer team trapped in a cave. Actually, I still despair for humanity, but god bless those heroes for giving so much to get those kids to safety. Among them was... Continue Reading →

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