There’s been an incident

We’ve had a bit of a scare. The youngest was injured at skipping training on Thursday night. She stumbled over her team mate’s foot, rolling her ankle and damaging the ligament that holds the two bones together.

Not wanting to let everyone down, she continued to do two practice runs of Team Teal’s three-person double dutch routine while in quite a bit of pain. I’ve suggested she not do that if she finds herself in a similar situation in the future.

I didn’t realise how serious it was until the next morning when she couldn’t walk without gasping, so we headed to the chemist for crutches to keep the weight off it. Then I hunted down a physio for after school.

The physio was a lovely bloke who didn’t look at me like I was from Mars when I said we were there for a skipping injury. He was totally across the fact Worlds are coming up for skipping – apparently there are a few skippers getting physio from his colleagues at the moment and I think he was a bit stoked to have one of his own to treat. (He even called on Saturday morning for an update on her condition, bless him!)

After examining the youngest, he did some ultrasound on her foot and then sent her to another branch of the physio business to get an ice boot treatment – a rather confronting looking piece of equipment that looks like this …

It continually pumps icy air over the affected body part. Fancy!

While it worked on the swollen ankle, I ordered pizza from across the road, filled in my ex on the situation and posted a pic of the weird contraption on Facebook.

It was a little scary when I asked the physio what our worst case scenario was and he started talking xrays and MRIs and plates and surgery … I’d been thinking the worst case scenario was how many days until the youngest could start training again.

It was also a bit of an ooops moment when I realised I’m friends with the head skipping coach on Facebook … and gave him a minor heart attack with the scary photo.

He commented: “Noooooooo. Send my love. I’ll come back soon and discuss more.”

Fortunately, after a day of bed rest on Saturday, the youngest’s foot seemed much, much better.

She gave skipping training a miss on Sunday afternoon and is heading to the physio at 7.30am this morning to get the verdict on whether it was just a minor injury that won’t need any expensive further tests.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Really not what you need with less than two weeks until the big event.

But the youngest is such a dogged little thing, she said she would compete in Shanghai, no matter what. She’d just strap it up tight and suffer the pain.

I was reminded of the State Championships last year when she was almost comatose with the flu, but still got out there and managed to perform her part in the freestyle double dutch routine with won her team a Gold medal.

Go Team Teal! Such an awesome bunch of kids.

Song of the day: Queen “We are the champions”



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