Recipes of the week: Special fried rice; chili con carne & Creole pumpkin soup

The HotHouse Kitchen focused on two more family favourites this week: fried rice and chili con carne. The eldest has gone off fried rice, but I love it, so he had to suck it up. It's so easy and yummy to make when you use ready steamed packets of rice. As for the chili con... Continue Reading →

So many B words

My freelance world has been a little more complicated than usual this week because the "b" key on my computer keyboard is malfunctioning. It's sticking and misbehaving. You don't realise how often you use the second letter of the alphabet until it starts playing up. I’ve been putting off going to Officeworks to get a... Continue Reading →

Imposter syndrome

I haven't been sleeping well this week. Bilbo the moxie has decided - for some unknown and totally infuriating reason - that he is scared of sleeping in the laundry after months of quite happily heading there of his own accord each night. His whining woke me at 3.30am on Wednesday morning. Then I couldn't... Continue Reading →

Walk with me

I can't put into words how furious I am with the COVID protestors who effectively put us into lockdown for gawd knows how much longer with their "freedom" march on Saturday. So I'm going to let The Shovel do it for me. You’ve probably seen the meme, it’s gone viral: Hopefully COVID won’t do the... Continue Reading →

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