I got it wrong

Yesterday was pretty hectic, as far as days in lockdown go.

I didn’t want to get out of bed because it was so bloody cold. But, once I threw off the covers, I was keen to get to my local coffee shop for the best flat white in Sydney. As I walk home sipping my coffee each day, I am in tastebud heaven – it’s soooooo good.

I also got to wave and exchange cheery salutations with the various locals I’ve befriended during my morning walks over the years. That’s always a mood booster.

Back at home, I cooked cheesy gnocchi bake, linguine with pepperoni and avocado, veggie dhal and roast tomato soup for my latest dinner delivery to my local friends, plus I whipped up a pulled beef quesadilla for my lunch.

The dishwasher was loaded and unloaded three or four times.

I answered the front door far too often for the kids, who kept coming and going without their keys. The youngest returned from her dad’s place and there’s a council throw out in my area, so the eldest went hunting and was delighted with a new/old pair of Converse, among numerous other finds.

I got the day wrong for the tequila tasting, it’s on Thursday. Probably for the best considering all the cooking I was doing.

I am very forgetful lately, so it was ironic that someone on Facebook commented that I had “quite the memory”. She was referring to me remembering all my favourite dishes from childhood dinners at The Rickshaw Inn.

I assured her my excellent memory only extends to food I’ve consumed in my lifetime, I’m a goldfish when it comes to everything else and menopause is only making it way worse.

On the Drinks Digest front, I wrote five stories:

Wine Depot expands into Melbourne & acquires Parton Wine Distribution

[yellow tail] launches low-alcohol wines with Sarah Michelle Gellar

UK pubs give their verdict on COVID-19 restrictions ending

There’s also one on organic wine that I want to give a final once-over before I press publish, plus another story that’s just awaiting a final quote and some pics.

Did you see the reports on “Freedom Day” in the UK? All COVID restrictions have been removed and there was a mix of fear and wild jubilation among the English, as Delta is running rampant over there. I think I’d be in the fear camp.

The winds sound wild outside my bedroom window this morning. No cheery amble to the coffee shop for me. There’s a severe weather warning and the temperature isn’t expected to make it past 13C. Brrrrr.

Stay safe. Keep warm. Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: “Menopause Rhapsody”

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