The triceratops takes top position


HouseGoesHome started out as a blog about leaving the workforce after 20 years and becoming a full-time mum … well, that’s what I thought it was about.

It was actually about me having a mini-breakdown and battling my way back to a better place.

And this year it took another turn and became about becoming a single mum. As 2014 progressed, the name “HouseGoesHome” became a symbol of me morphing into my true self.

Along the way I’ve been using the blog as a vehicle to transform myself from a print journalist to a digital one. Part of that journey was mastering social media. Yesterday was my 3rd “Twitterversary” according to an excited email that I received from Twitter yesterday.

It was also the day my blog scored its most views EVER.

And it was for something that had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING it stands for.

It was for a post I wrote about sex called A Funny Thing Happened When I Talked About Sex.

Ironically, that post was about how an old blog called Ever Imagined Being Ravished By A Triceratops? went totally ape after a show called Blackish mentioned something called “the triceratops position” (the triceratops had three horns … I’ll let you guess the rest …)

It’s been bubbling along in my blog stats ever since and, after yesterday’s spike (I’m presuming Blackish got a repeat), has now taken top honours as my all-time biggest success with 23,378 views.

That’s nuthin’ for a mega-hot website like Mamamia, but for little ol’ “boutique blog” me it’s HUGE.

But still, I don’t quite know how I feel about it … especially since the blog in second position is about the scandal that broke out when photos of Princess Kate’s bare boobies were published on the front cover of a French magazine …

Maybe I should give up writing from the heart and just write about sex every day?

Hmmmm … I wonder if there are any ad dollars in that?

Song of the day: Right Said Fred “I’m Too Sexy”


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