Stop calling me!

I called my friend Paul the other night to wish him a happy birthday. He got such a shock because he knows how much I hate making phone calls. The mere thought makes me queasy with dread. I’m OK once I get talking, but I have to psyche myself into pressing the buttons. The only […]

Flashy date night

The single parenting gig has been pretty intensive lately – there haven’t been many opportunities for “us” time with DD. So I was very excited that we were sneaking off to Vivid Sydney for a few hours last night. It took a bit of planning: his mum was ensconced at his place and my ex […]

Blessing and curse

Do you remember DD giving me a book called “Red: A History of the Redhead”? Well, I finally finished it. Verdict: it was fascinating, discomforting and a little unsatisfying all at the same time. Here are some of the fascinating bits: Redheads have a higher tolerance for spicy food Redheads need 20% more anesthesia than […]

That wasn’t appropriate

Hasn’t the weather been glorious over the past few days? Well, it has been in my neck of the woods. Hopefully in yours too. I’m not coping with beach season being over, so I convinced DD to take a brisk dip with me in the fading afternoon sun … Brrrrrrr. It was a lovely, hodge-podgey […]

Not very slimming

I might be Communications Manager for The Drinks Association, but swear I don’t get invited to many boozy events. Well, I didn’t, but things seem to be hotting up. My increasingly squishy belly is destined to become even squishier … cause they don’t serve quinoa salads and grilled tofu at those things … its more […]

The bathroom wars

My house only has one bathroom. I thought that would be PLENTY when I bought the place because the kids spend six days a fortnight with their dad … and I literally had to beg them to take showers back then. I got it soooooo wrong … a bit like how Fairfax thought it was an […]

The power of love

Bishop Michael Bruce Curry got a little carried away during his sermon about the “redemptive power of love” at Prince Harry’s wedding It was wasaaaaay too long, but the opening five minutes were awesome. I thought it was such a wonderful message to broadcast to the world – 24 million people saw the ceremony in […]

The people you have been

Lauren Doyle Owens recently wrote an article for The New York Times called “Nobody tells you how long a marriage is” She poignantly recalls growing apart from her partner: “I was trapped inside myself. Each day I would go to a job that I hated and come back to a house that didn’t feel like mine […]

That made it so special

My poor liver! I’ve put it through its paces over the past seven days: a Chivas Regal cocktail competition, a Jansz brunch, and then a weekend of indulgence. It’s been bulk fun, but my body was over it last night, muttering about health farms and detox diets. Crazy talk. OK, let me fill you in […]

The only way out is through

Nature is supposed to erase the pain of childbirth so you keep popping the bubbas out. I have a terrible memory – vast swathes of my past are gone – but the harrowing birth of my first child remains permanently etched on my brain. When people show off their newborns on Facebook and glowingly relate […]