Flashy date night

The single parenting gig has been pretty intensive lately – there haven’t been many opportunities for “us” time with DD.

So I was very excited that we were sneaking off to Vivid Sydney for a few hours last night.

It took a bit of planning: his mum was ensconced at his place and my ex was having my pair for an extra night.

But the youngest point blank refused to deviate from her normal routine and insisted on parking herself at my place alone, impatiently waiting for my return.

Ah, well.

Anyways, DD and I weren’t just doing any night at Vivid, we’d scored an invite to the Bombay Sapphire pop-up bar, on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

It was very flash … literally. The bartenders were serving fancy G&Ts with flashing plastic ice cubes floating in them, together with slider burgers and the most amazing views of Sydney Harbour.

Lucky us!

I sampled all the free cocktail variants, including a warm gin and chocolate one in a tea cup – its a tough job – and took lots of photos while DD patiently kept me company.

Then we wandered over to the American Express lounge at the Overseas Passenger Terminal for a glass of sparkling and a spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House before heading home to the youngest.

We scored the mildest May night to be sipping outdoors, I didn’t even need my coat for most of the night.

It was such a laidback way to get a taste of Vivid without all the usual jostling and it was so nice to get some quality time with the spunky boyf.

Here are some pics:


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