That wasn’t the end

I may have implied I was starting a break in yesterday’s blog. Ooops. You’re stuck with me for one more day. I really should have called it quits then though, as I’m just going to grumble … Gripe No.1: How many times a week do you get unsolicited calls on your mobile phone from someone […]

It’s time to stop

I’m waaaaaaaay overdue for a break from the big stuff … both self-inflicted and incidental. The past few months have been HUGE. In the last fortnight alone there’s been my 50th birthday party, my dad’s spinal surgery, the youngest’s triple birthday celebration, scrambling around for a gift for my ex’s birthday and DD’s big move. […]

What if someone dies?

I recently discovered Australia is gripped by a pharmaceutical crisis that isn’t making headlines. There’s a worldwide EpiPen shortage. I only became aware of it last month when I was getting the youngest ready for school camp. She’s anaphylactic to nuts and I’d left it until a couple of days before she left to get a […]

Not how I thought it would be

What did you think being 50 would be like when you were 20 … or 30 … or even 40? I thought 50 was really, really old. Although … I remember working at ACP Magazines as a 24-year-old and thinking the 35-year-olds were geriatric, so everything’s relative. I don’t feel like an old woman with […]

It got a bit emotional

Turning 12 can be pretty intense when you head to school band practice at 7am, then do a full day of classes, then hop on a bus to skipping practice and jump for 90 minutes, then head home for a pizza dinner while your parents hover intently as you open your birthday gifts. The youngest […]

Baby it’s you

My Pookalooka turns 12 today. Happy birthday little (big) one … she’s taller than me already and still shooting up. Last night we had our traditional family gathering at the dodgy local teppanyaki. Having food flung at you never gets old. The youngest was very disappointed not to have Nonna and Pop along for the […]

I did a really dumb thing

Things went slightly pear-shaped after my party – there hasn’t been time to tell you about it until now. I did something really stupid. Exhausted and a little post-party overwrought, I jumped into the ocean for some water therapy on Sunday and got myself into a spot of bother. I raced into the waves ahead […]

What I should have said

I still can’t bring myself to watch the video of my speech from the party. I’ve been having speech regret ever since Sunday morning. Deeeeeeep, deeeeeep speech regret.  I thought my chest was going to explode with regret yesterday. When I confessed my panic to my sister she told me to stop overthinking it. That’s […]

The way he made me feel

As Jennifer Warnes once warbled “I had the time of my life” on Saturday night. The cops even turned up! But you’ll have to wait a sec to hear about the fun bits while I debrief the not-so-fun bits. I went to bed a little (lot) sad on Friday about it being my last night […]

She said WHAT?

I went to the fruit shop yesterday to buy some plums and, as I was handing over the cash, the shop assistant said: “Do you have a Senior’s Card?” Do. I. Have. A. Senior’s. Card? It took a moment to register what she’d just said. When it did … I made this face … I […]