She said WHAT?

I went to the fruit shop yesterday to buy some plums and, as I was handing over the cash, the shop assistant said: “Do you have a Senior’s Card?”

Do. I. Have. A. Senior’s. Card?

It took a moment to register what she’d just said. When it did … I made this face …

I said: “No!”

And she looked embarrassed and apologised.

I paid for my plums and tottered out of the shop muttering “Do I have a Senior’s Card?” to myself over and over like a crazy old lady who DOES have a Senior’s Card, but can’t remember where she put it.

I’m thinking “Do you have a Senior’s Card?” should be added to the Things You Never Ever Ask A Woman pile along with “When are you due?”

Hello big 5-0, thanks for the welcoming committee.

Mind you, it’s not the first time I’ve been mistaken for an over-65-year-old.

Waaaay back in 2011, there was a grumpy old woman at the counter before me at the bank. She was 70 in the shade.

The poor, beleaguered bank teller had to turn his computer screen around at one point to prove he wasn’t lying to her.

I was his next customer. I smiled sympathetically at him. He took my cheque and looked at his screen.

His eyes went wide.

“I was about to tell you how good you looked for your age,” he jovially announced … after mistakenly thinking he was looking at my date of birth on the screen.

It was my eyes turn to go wide.

He hastily typed in my account details and checked again.

“You still look really good for your age,” he added.

Cheers, mate. Thanks for mistaking me for someone born in the 1930s.

Anyways, I turn 50 tomorrow.


How the blardy hell did that happen?

Fortunately DD loves me wrinkles and all. He arrived back from Japan yesterday and dropped in to see me on his drive home. We met at our favourite cafe, across the road from my work. We kissed and cuddled while waiting for our piccolos. The staff went “naaaawwww”, but after the fruit shop incident, I’m wondering if the unspoken bit was “Naaaaawwww … pensioners cuddling … cute!”

Anyways, I’ll let you know how the birthday went on Monday.

Have a good one! I intend to … despite looking 65 …

Song of the day: Any excuse for my favourite song … Fleetwood Mac “Landslide”


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