The way he made me feel

As Jennifer Warnes once warbled “I had the time of my life” on Saturday night.

The cops even turned up!

But you’ll have to wait a sec to hear about the fun bits while I debrief the not-so-fun bits.

I went to bed a little (lot) sad on Friday about it being my last night as a 40-something.

Major life milestone territory.

Ironically, I woke on Saturday morning with a huge pimple on my chin – a cruel development in the same 24 hour period as being asked by a shop assistant if I had a senior’s card.

The zit wasn’t the only thing freaking me out … and my panic wasn’t caused by being 50 either (though the youngest kindly reassured me that milestone wouldn’t actually be reached until 3pm, the time of day I was born) … but because I’d stupidly organised to have a little soiree on the same day as my birthday.

The problem with organising a little soiree on your actual birthday is you don’t get to sit around sipping champagne and slurping oysters because you’re too busy standing on top of the tallest ladder known to Christendom hanging hundreds of shamrocks from the ceiling of an un-airconditioned bowling club in 35C heat.

If it wasn’t for my dear, dear friends Wendy, Fee, Emily, Alice and Mel I’d never have gotten it all done. But I did and there was even time for a quick shower before dressing as a leprechaun for the party.

Leprechaun outfits aren’t designed for 35C heat, so I sprayed on A LOT of deodorant before sweating out the door.

DD decided to have a joint celebration with me because he didn’t get a chance to have a 50th birthday party five years ago.

To ensure people didn’t think they were being invited to a surprise wedding, we issued separate invitations with separate themes. Mine was St Patrick’s Day, his was Horror.

It was highly entertaining to have a room full of leprechauns and shark attack victims, all dancing together. My wonderful sister also made a birthday cake that was half lucky, half scary.

The highlight of the night – other than being with family and friends – was DD rebooting his band The Rampant Hamsters, who haven’t played together in 20 years. It turns out the Rampant Hamsters lead singer is an actress called Abi Tucker. Wow, can she sing. Her version of I Will Survive – which DD dedicated to all the single mums in the room – was ah-mazing.

But it was actually DD who kicked off their set as lead singer, with a rendition of Ed Kuepper’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”. I wish someone had videoed it (sob) because he was really, really good. I had no idea he could proper sing, though I should have guessed because he has the sexiest speaking voice on the planet. I don’t know how anyone concentrates during the six teleconferences he does every day.

Hearing him sing on a stage while playing the guitar made me feel quite giddy.

The band also played Walking The Dog, Venus, Hold On, I Love Rock & Roll and finished up with Gloria, which DD rewrote and sang as A-L-A-N-A.

I was VERY, VERY giddy at that point. He’d written all his own lyrics – about meeeeeeee – for the final song.

I’m already trying to think of more reasons he could reform The Rampant Hamsters so I can be his groupie again.

(I felt even more like a groupie the next day when I was making my bed and a guitar pic fell on the floor!)

Thank you to everyone who helped make the night a success, including the awesome caterers Grilled Gourmet – though I might have felt a bit less blerk yesterday if I’d actually eaten more than a mozarella stick all night – the staff at our local bowlo, and guests who travelled from far and wide but barely got a “hello” from me as I darted around the place and danced like a dervish to our second fabulous band, Mo Soul.

We don’t have many pics from the night at the moment, so here are just a few I managed to scrape together (click on the first one to get the captions):

Warning: You may hear more about the soirée over the next few days as I slowly recover.

Songs of the day: Van Morrison “Gloria”

Ed Kuepper “The Way You Make Me Feel”

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