Totally. Freaking. Pointless

I tried my first cronut yesterday. You know, those croissant-donut hybrid thingies. There's a Zumbo patisserie near my new office and one of my new colleagues bought treats for everyone to share. Cronuts are pretty awesome ... I just don't want to think about how many calories are jammed into those buttery layers of heaven.... Continue Reading →

My new gig

I've started doing some contract work for an organisation that's right up my alley: The Drinks Association. As you might guess, it's a liquor industry body. I'll be doing its social media for a bit. My first day on the job was a cushy one: a staff conference at a nearby hotel. I got to... Continue Reading →

Kate Hudson’s ‘hot mess’ birthday bash

Kate Hudson loves celebrating her birthday so much that she throws a huge 'hot mess' celebration every year. This year she gave it a wedding theme for friends celebrating a birthday around the same time, including author Derek Blasberg and jeweller Jen Meyer. Her Pacific Palisades mansion was wall-to-wall celebs, including Demi Moore, Naomi Cammpbell,... Continue Reading →

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