Kate Hudson’s ‘hot mess’ birthday bash

Kate Hudson loves celebrating her birthday so much that she throws a huge ‘hot mess’ celebration every year.

This year she gave it a wedding theme for friends celebrating a birthday around the same time, including author Derek Blasberg and jeweller Jen Meyer.

Her Pacific Palisades mansion was wall-to-wall celebs, including Demi Moore, Naomi Cammpbell, Lenny Kravitz and conscious uncoupling poster kids Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

(Wonder if things got awkward when Gwyneth’s new love Brad Falchuk, who was dressed as a construction worker, gave Gwyneth a lap dance?)

In keeping with the hot mess theme, the catering was very down to earth: chips, beer, donuts and a Fatburger truck on the lawn.

Here are a few of their party snaps – looks like heaps of fun! (That’s Kate’s brother Oliver baring his belly – the pair joked to their mum Goldie Hawn that they got ‘married’ at the party.)


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