Taking a few for the team

It’s been a “taking one for the team” kinda week for my sister and I. She looked totally wrecked as we sat in her spa on Saturday night drinking Snow Road Sparkling. She put in two VERY long days (unexpectedly) moving my parents out of their old house and into their new apartment. They’d forgotten […]

Gilding the lily

Do you know what ‘gilding the lily’ means? I’ve hired a final-year communications student to help me with my load at work. I told her not to gild the lily when she was writing a story from a press release and she looked at me totally blankly. Millenials obviously don’t gild lilies. Actually, there are […]

Ginger is the new black

There’s been a lot of ginger action in my Facebook news feed of late. According to news.com.au  sperm donor collection companies are calling for more specimens from ginger men. “Currently only two per cent of donors are redheads and more women are wanting flame-haired children,” the news site notes. “Whether it is the attraction to […]

Exploring the grey areas

Sydney property prices are – as you’ve probably heard ad nauseam – nuts. I was fortunate to get my foot in the door more than 20 years ago. I bought and sold and bought and sold my way up the property ladder until I owned almost all of the family home. And then – as […]

Don’t take that away from me!

My parents’ phone number hasn’t changed in 53 years. They got it in 1964 when they bought their first house in Ashbury Street, Adamstown Heights. OK, it got a 49 in front of it at some stage, but the rest of those numbers have been a constant in my life since birth. It’s being disconnected […]

The nights are tricky

My married friends complain about the downsides of living with their partners. I don’t have to put up with my husband not doing his fair share of the housework (actually, we were both equally crap at that), not being involved enough as a parent (erm, I was the one being caned for not doing enough craft […]

Bubbling back up

“She used to have a carefree mind of her own, with devilish look in her eye” A few months ago, I blogged about my late Nan’s birthday and started missing her all over again. This week, I was flicking through an old photo album, looking for a shot of my dad to post on Facebook […]

Totally unromantic

I watched the moon rise over the water last night while sipping sparkling wine with a man who wasn’t DD. It sounds a bit suss, but let me explain … When my ex and I lived in New York we met a family at the kids’ preschool who were moving to Sydney. I was initially […]

I would sell my soul for …

I was angsting to DD the other night about having to compile schedules and timelines for my job. I told him my sister and I had been bonding in the spa over the weekend about how much we disliked them (both being in corp comms these days). “Everything will get done,” my sister insisted. “I […]

It was a bit of a bust

The kids are with their dad for most of this week, going to see Kinky Boots and battling their way out of a panic room, so I decided we should do SOMETHING together before they left. It was a bit of a bust. I’d tried to get seats on a whale watching cruise, but it […]