I don’t think there’s a way

It’s been quite the festival of fancy wine over the past week. First I had my boss’ farewell lunch on Wednesday, then I went to the Wine Communicators of Australia Sydney Royal Wine Show Trophy Winners lunch on Friday and today I’m off to Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards … I’ve lucked into […]

Scheming and squealing

There was NOTHING on TV last night, which was annoying when I was trying to dodge housework. The house is a mess, but I’ve been madly working on  the communications for the announcement of our new CEO today and I was too stressed by all the cloak and dagger to tidy and mop. Who can be […]

I can’t do that any more

Is it a sign of old age that my body can no longer tolerate alcohol during daylight hours? I’m like some sort of booze vampire who can only imbibe after the sun goes down. My boss had a retirement lunch with her staff yesterday at a lovely, old sandstone restaurant called Banjo Patterson Cottage. I […]

Technically in love

Waaaaaaay back in my 20s, my boyfriend headed off to Asia to find himself. He told me not to wait for him. I was really cross about that, so I didn’t. But we stayed in touch while he was gone. Staying in touch in the 1990s was a quaint concept. There was no global roaming […]

It’s a weird relationship

I’m beginning to realise my amicable relationship with my ex isn’t … “normal”. Being antagonistic and difficult seems Far more commonplace when a marriage crashes and burns. But then, I’ve always been an odd bod, so it’s hardly surprising I’ve chosen the weird path again. I’m also a realist – I know the wheels could […]

Taking a few for the team

It’s been a “taking one for the team” kinda week for my sister and I. She looked totally wrecked as we sat in her spa on Saturday night drinking Snow Road Sparkling. She put in two VERY long days (unexpectedly) moving my parents out of their old house and into their new apartment. They’d forgotten […]

Gilding the lily

Do you know what ‘gilding the lily’ means? I’ve hired a final-year communications student to help me with my load at work. I told her not to gild the lily when she was writing a story from a press release and she looked at me totally blankly. Millenials obviously don’t gild lilies. Actually, there are […]

Ginger is the new black

There’s been a lot of ginger action in my Facebook news feed of late. According to news.com.au  sperm donor collection companies are calling for more specimens from ginger men. “Currently only two per cent of donors are redheads and more women are wanting flame-haired children,” the news site notes. “Whether it is the attraction to […]

Exploring the grey areas

Sydney property prices are – as you’ve probably heard ad nauseam – nuts. I was fortunate to get my foot in the door more than 20 years ago. I bought and sold and bought and sold my way up the property ladder until I owned almost all of the family home. And then – as […]

Don’t take that away from me!

My parents’ phone number hasn’t changed in 53 years. They got it in 1964 when they bought their first house in Ashbury Street, Adamstown Heights. OK, it got a 49 in front of it at some stage, but the rest of those numbers have been a constant in my life since birth. It’s being disconnected […]