The nights are tricky

My married friends complain about the downsides of living with their partners. I don’t have to put up with my husband not doing his fair share of the housework (actually, we were both equally crap at that), not being involved enough as a parent (erm, I was the one being caned for not doing enough craft […]

Bubbling back up

“She used to have a carefree mind of her own, with devilish look in her eye” A few months ago, I blogged about my late Nan’s birthday and started missing her all over again. This week, I was flicking through an old photo album, looking for a shot of my dad to post on Facebook […]

Totally unromantic

I watched the moon rise over the water last night while sipping sparkling wine with a man who wasn’t DD. It sounds a bit suss, but let me explain … When my ex and I lived in New York we met a family at the kids’ preschool who were moving to Sydney. I was initially […]

I would sell my soul for …

I was angsting to DD the other night about having to compile schedules and timelines for my job. I told him my sister and I had been bonding in the spa over the weekend about how much we disliked them (both being in corp comms these days). “Everything will get done,” my sister insisted. “I […]

It was a bit of a bust

The kids are with their dad for most of this week, going to see Kinky Boots and battling their way out of a panic room, so I decided we should do SOMETHING together before they left. It was a bit of a bust. I’d tried to get seats on a whale watching cruise, but it […]

Looking deep inside

I’ve given myself a few full body scans recently. Not medical ones – they’ve been mental self-evaluations. It’s been interesting to assess how I really feeling about some major stuff that’s been happening in my life. There was a revelation from one of my kids that could have dumped me headfirst into the sand bank of […]

Six years later

Housegoeshome turns six this month. It’s been quite the journey. I started blogging when I was freaking out about being unemployed after 20 years at ACP Magazines. The blog gave a creative centre to my days, it was a life buoy to clutch. I don’t enjoy reading those first few blog posts because they’re so […]

Celebrating independence

It gets a little messy with the timezones, but Americans celebrated Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July, yesterday. The holiday commemorates America declaring independence from Great Britain with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It’s a huge celebration with fireworks, parades, barbecues  … In Australia on July 4, the Independent Brewers Association […]

Isn’t it ironic?

Early last year, I bought a copy of the second season of The X-Files to binge on with the kids during the school holidays. It was my favourite show when I was a bright young thing and – given the kids’ affection for fantasy and sci fi movies – I thought it would be a […]

You’re all legends

I’ve felt very lucky over the past few days to be surrounded by kind people. They’ve taken such good care of me when I needed it. I drove up to Newcastle on Friday night to see friends I’ve had since I was in high school – I was bridesmaid at their wedding – who cooked […]