Picking a date

An anniversary passed earlier this month and I TOTALLY forgot it. It’s two years since DD and I first met. Although I’m not entirely sure what date I should classify as our actual “anniversary”. Should it be October 10, when he first contacted me on RSVP … because he felt sorry for desperate “Chessiah” constantly […]


Whoa, harsh

Why do I blog? It’s a question I ask myself most weeks. Sometimes I struggle to find words. Sometimes I struggle to find time. Sometimes I wonder if Housegoeshome has run its course. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The blog has cost me a job: remember the time I fired […]


Now THAT calls for a martini

My boss is a very observant woman. She saw how excited everyone was by the espresso martinis during our team-building/cocktail-making night at Eau de Vie last week …   … so she secretly ordered us DIY kits so we could recreate them at home. How thoughtful is that? She plonked one on each desk mid-afternoon […]


Just. Too. Much

When my ex walked out he took virtually nothing with him. I’ve been left with 23 years of our accumulated “life.” And most of it is covered in a thick later of dust following my mini renovation. And I’m over it. Everyone keeps advising me on how I should cut and cull and clear. That’s […]


Thanks for the memories

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by good, kind men. There’s one I haven’t seen in the flesh for years, but it feels like we caught up yesterday thanks to Facebook. He and I were cadet journalists at The Newcastle Herald together decades ago. His name is Scott Pilgrim and when he’s not helping manage a […]

Me squealing at the cold water.

Now that’s what I call a Sunday

DD was a little off his game yesterday. He wasn’t too sparky after a tough week and was worried our Sunday interlude – it’s rarely a “day” when our respective parenting responsibilities are involved – was a bit of a fizzer. Nah, I told him, I had a greeeeaaaaaat time. I don’t know how gorgeous […]

DD and I with our Southsides.

Best work “training” session EVER

I work for an organisation called the drinks association. They’re a not-for-profit mob that provide support, insights and data to the drinks industry. I’m quite loving writing news stories about the latest happenings in the wine, beer and spirits spheres. And then there are the training sessions … On Friday night my brilliant boss Sandra […]


Not entirely on top of things

My life is a bit of a scramble right now. And it’s driving me crazy. Ever since the Poor Jet-setting Single Mum got back from holidays, I haven’t managed to get on top of things. There is a thick layer of dust over absolutely everything post renovation. There are no window coverings, so the neighbours […]

Bonding with Natasha.

OK, here’s the speech …

Under normal circumstances I would moan about how hideous I look in all the photographs from my speech at the 10th Annual Breast Care Fundraiser Breakfast and how I’ll have to go on a starvation diet waaaaaahhhhhh, but the speech itself is 20 minutes long, so I figure you don’t have time for my self-pity […]


Delayed reaction

You know how the kids were all bright and chatty and thrilled to see me on Monday night? Well it fell in a heap on Tuesday morning. I woke before dawn to the sound of shuffling in the bathroom, but I stuck my finger in my ear and rolled over in the hope they’d head […]