Too much experience

“Experiential” is the hot word in booze right now. It’s not enough to let Milennials taste a liquor brand, they need to be immersed in its “story”. There’s even a whole category for it at the upcoming Golden Target Awards – the public relations industry’s longest running awards night: Experiential Campaign of the Year. Two […]

He fixed it

DD was kind enough to fix my broken bed and washing machine this week. Both were the opposite of fun tasks, but he was so good natured about helping out. He actually enjoys being a handyman. I still shudder at the memory of my ex offering to put my bed together when I moved into […]

So much happened

My middle name is Maree, but it often feels like it should be “Drama Central”. This year has been a corker for dramas. Freaking shocking. But I look at the veiled comments that people I’m connected to on Facebook have been making lately … they usually only vaguely hint at the troubles they’ve been having […]

A little unexpected

Both my children have texted from New York over the past few days to tell me they miss me … without prompting! I’m a bit shocked and quite thrilled that there’s been time to miss me as they shop and skate their way through Manhattan and Brooklyn. I’m not sure the eldest will be so enamoured […]

Eye on the market

I’ve spent the past few days walking and talking and talking and walking as I try to chase the blues away. After each walk I would feel like I was two steps ahead of the blues for a little while, before slipping one step back when the endorphins wore off. But I finally made some […]

The bulkest of fun

OK, it’s time for the unicorns and rainbows blog post … settle in with a cuppa because I took A LOT of photos during my weekend in Perth and I’m going to show you most of them … The fun started in the Qantas Business Lounge, as it always does when I’m on a flight […]

More teasing

I’m not in the right headspace to tell you about my anniversary weekend just yet. I’m still dealing with the way it ended. We finally arrived home last night, I kissed DD goodbye and raced inside to get cracking on some work, as I was running two days behind schedule. But my internet had carked […]

Just a teaser

I jinxed myself when I said I’d be back on Wednesday. Life threw one of its curve balls my way in the form of a cancelled flight. DD and I just spent the long weekend in Western Australia to celebrate our 5th anniversary. But our return flight was cancelled due to engine problems, which meant […]

Time for a reboot

I’m plum tuckered out. The last few months have been huge, so I’ve decided to take a break from my normal life. I need some time off from the stress and sleeplessness. If I wake one more time at 4.30am I will SCREAM … or collapse from exhaustion. I’ll be back blogging next Wednesday – […]

Twice the fun

It probably wasn’t the most sensible idea mid-week, but I took my mate Mel as my plus one to a double-header last night: the launches of Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice and Disaronno Wears Diesel. The first event kicked off at the Paddo Inn at 6pm and featured a small batch, limited-edition gin by Hendrick’s Master Distiller […]