Reaching new heights

I've always had an inflated sense of my own height. I'm lucky to be 5ft 5in, my ex is 5ft 11in, but I would often insist that I was almost at his level. That was patently not true, but I've never felt short. So I was shocked when a bloke told me during my early... Continue Reading →

More exciting news!

These legends just got a Bronze medal at the IJRU 2021 International Open Skipping Tournament. I am very proud! Due to COVID, the competition was delayed and virtual. Rather than flying to Canada to compete, the girls had to film their routine and send it to the international judges to be evaluated. Lockdowns made that... Continue Reading →

The naughty bits

I was walking with friends on Saturday morning when we stumbled across a blow-up Santa of epic proportions, which was waving at us from someone’s driveway. Being sensible, middle-aged women, our initial concern was how much power would be required to keep him inflated 24/7. My friend Fee has extensive knowledge of such things, as... Continue Reading →

Orange alert

Remember how my car shuddering like it was Apollo 11 re-entering the Earth's atmosphere whenever I used the brakes? Well, it turns out there were several problems with the brakes, including a leaking thingamajig that could have resulted in them failing. Of course. So it cost me $1600 yesterday to get the effing orange money... Continue Reading →

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