Scratching my Chichen Itza

I may have to stop watching the 11am COVID-19 updates on the NSW Health Facebook page. Geez they're depressing. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll be glued to my computer screen this morning, when Gladys is apparently announcing another month of lockdown for Sydney. Sad face. I was watching yesterday’s grim report when someone rang... Continue Reading →

Soooooo many questions

It's my weekly cook-up-a-storm day in The HotHouse Kitchen. My friend's kids have been mourning the loss of takeaway, so I've come up with a menu that I hope returns some balance. I'm taking over a casserole dish of special fried rice for their dinner tonight, plus some chilli con carne that can be turned... Continue Reading →

Walk with me

I can't put into words how furious I am with the COVID protestors who effectively put us into lockdown for gawd knows how much longer with their "freedom" march on Saturday. So I'm going to let The Shovel do it for me. You’ve probably seen the meme, it’s gone viral: Hopefully COVID won’t do the... Continue Reading →

How you know

I'm obsessed with a show on Netflix called Atypical. It's comedy/drama about a high school student called Sam who has autism. In the first season he gets a girlfriend, but doesn't know whether he loves her … how can he tell? He decides, based on the facts, that he must. But then his therapist teaches... Continue Reading →

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