Well that was dumb

You’re about to judge me … possibly harshly. The kids were running late to band practice on Wednesday morning, so I shoved a plastic bowl of cereal with milk into the eldest’s hands to eat in the car. The eldest didn’t want the cereal and milk – she’s gone off breakfast – but she dutifully […]

Princess Bitchface

There was much consternation in the Household last night when my daughters discovered a book called “Princess Bitchface Syndrome 2.0” by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg sitting on the kitchen bench. My ex gave it to me as a potential handbook for the difficult years ahead. Apparently you’re not supposed to let your kids know you have […]

The joy factor

When was the last time you felt joy? It happened for me on Sunday, as I ran into the surf. It was glorious. My heart expanded – as it always does – and the laughter burst out. Actually, there was joy yesterday too, as I drove home from a diversity&inclusion@drinks council meeting held at Luna […]

Who’d do THAT every day?

My ex-mag mate Kelly shared a story on her Facebook feed the other day from Business Insider with the title: “Journalists drink too much, are bad at managing emotions, and operate at a lower level than average, according to a new study.” Not the most catchy of headings … sigh, subs were such awesome things, I […]

He owes you nothing

I should be immune, given my scandalous history, but clickbait can still lure me into its sticky web. Mamamia sent me an email on Saturday entitled: “Karl Stefanovic owes you nothing.” I couldn’t help clicking on the link. It was WORD. Actually, on second glance, it was mainly the heading that was WORD. The article […]

What’s inside my head

I got Herrmann profiled yesterday as part of a project I’m reporting on for work. It’s a tool to help understand your thinking style. A bloke called Ned Herrmann developed it and it’s spookily accurate. You answer 120 questions about yourself (blardy hell) and it creates a personalised chart explaining your brain processes. Here’s mine […]

How much longer will they make her wait?

My old school friend Kathleen Folbigg turns 50 next month. She’s spent the past 15 years in jail and the past two years waiting for a response from the Attorney General on a judicial appeal submitted by three Newcastle barristers. Frustrated by the lack of response from the government, a series of stories went out […]

What I DON’T want to hear

Do you know what a single parent doesn’t want to hear when she’s worked from 8.30am to 3pm, then driven to the school to collect her first born and take her to art class, then headed home to work a bit more, then prepped dinner, then collected the first born from art class, then grabbed […]

Fighting the feeling

I was a teensy bit emotional yesterday. Confession: I might be a little rattled by the kids moving in with my ex and his partner. Just a little. I’d rather they didn’t move in with her, but I also know that it’s inevitable when your ex is involved with someone else. Well, not inevitable. Not […]

Mother of a weekend

I took on a bit too much over the weekend, which isn’t like me at all. (It’s exactly like me.) I invited my mum and sister along to our local annual fireworks as a pre-Mother’s Day get-together and said I’d cater. Not just bung a few chips in bowls and wedges of cheese on a […]