Always take the weather

One of my former colleagues is working at the Bureau of Meteorology these days, so I’ve followed them on social media and I recommend you do it too. They post the most awesome photos. Yesterday was a corker – a series of stunning shots of the Southern Lights. I was beside myself with joy when […]

It’s totally fine, really

I was a bit embarrassed yesterday when a blog follower noted that I was amazing to stay upbeat against all odds. I felt really guilty when I read her words because there are so many people doing it waaaaaaay worse than me. For example, I found out this week that someone I once loathed (for […]

Too many docs

I went to my GP yesterday in the never-ending quest to discover what ails me and walked out with a dead tree’s worth of paperwork. I need to see a gastroenterologist about feeling queasy … and other things … all the time. That will involve a couple of “oscopies”, which I loathe due to the […]

Resentment & surprise calls

I thought my number was up at 5.15pm last night when my doctor rang me. I panicked that he was calling to say I needed to be rushed to hospital right away because my scans had shown I was on death’s door and it couldn’t wait until my appointment at 10.45am this morning. But he […]

Skipping the weekend

Should I kick off the blog post with the youngest’s medal tally at the NSW/ACT Skipping Championships, then tell you the general event blather after that? Yeah!! So, the youngest walked away with two Silver medals on Saturday: one for Double Under Relay (two people taking turns to see how many times they can jump […]

Slightly deranged

I have a full-time job that is currently only paying me in alcohol and invitations, called Drinks Digest. I spend hours working on it each day. I really love it. But it seems slightly deranged that I do so much for so little. Passions are funny things. My focus right now is on building my […]

Would you like Siberian caviar with that?

A nice man called Igor arrived at my house in a fancy black town car last night. He chauffeured me to a place called Spice Alley so I could drink complimentary Johnnie Walker highballs paired with delicious Asian food. A few hours later, he texted to say he was waiting outside to whisk me home […]

Of course it was a man

I had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the status of Freddie the fibroid and his new neighbours, the ovarian cyst-ers. If you’re a long-term reader of HouseGoesHome you may recall my gyno christened my fibroid Freddie because it was so big it deserved a name. So big, in fact, that I was not eligible […]

Walking it out

How was your Monday? Mine was gorgeous. I walked along the Dee Why to Manly coastal trail and so should you! The views are divine. I promise you will love it. My Saturday walking friends decided we should take advantage of the three of us currently not working on a Monday, so we parked at […]

What a ride!

It’s been a rollercoaster few days. As per usual. It started with a picnic in the Royal Botanic Garden on Friday, hosted by The Botanist Gin. A gorgeously arranged picnic spread had been laid out in the herb garden, with cushions scattered around for guests to sit on. While it looked fabulous, my heart sank […]