It’s party time

I helped throw a party last night. Well, it wasn’t exactly a party, but there was lots of champagne and a band and everything. It was the 2019 Australian Drinks Awards and I was there as the communications manager. Unfortunately that meant I was working and had to leave early to get all the comms […]

Solidly average

I was bailed up by a school mum recently who was eager to tell me how well their darling daughter was doing in absolutely everything. I struggled to keep my eyes from rolling like a slot machine. I forced a smile and congratulated them on having such a talented child. But geez did I mutter […]

Nothing happened

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but nothing happened yesterday. Well, stuff happened, but none of it was extreme or life threatening or traumatic. I take that back … I found a rat corpse in the dogs’ bed. That wasn’t totes awesome. But it was mummified – gawd knows where it had been – which […]

Cracked in the head

Here’s a list of things I like doing at 1am on a Sunday morning: 1. Sleeping in my bed It’s a very short list. But I wasn’t sleeping in my bed at 1am on Sunday morning. I was sitting in the waiting room of a hospital emergency department. The eldest rocked backwards on a chair […]

Love rat

I’ve been soooooo good on the low booze front over the past month, but I slammed a couple glasses of Peterson’s Marsanne on Friday night. I was drowning my sorrows after visiting the exotic pet vet – Twitch the rat has been diagnosed with chronic respiratory disease. Sounds expensive, right? Right. But I must not […]

Moving into a new phase

I’ve spent most of the past 15 years being tortured by mother guilt … in addition to all the other types of guilt that course through my veins 24/7. I am the guilt queen. But I’m learning to put the mum version in perspective. I’ve decided my needs are allowed to come first sometimes. For […]

It never ends

I took the youngest to the opthamologist yesterday about the allergic rash inside her eyelids. It was fun and games when I tried to collect her from the school office. The receptionist stared at me in horror when I asked to sign her out. “No, you need to send a note in the morning asking […]

Belated celebration

Oooops, I totally forgot the 8th anniversary of HouseGoesHome. Wow, eight years … that’s epic. I only remembered the milestone because I was having writer’s block about a topic for today’s post. I was searching around in the archives for inspiration when I suddenly spotted that HouseGoesHome had its first-ever post on July 28, 2011. […]

Knocked off kilter

I still don’t understand why I got so upset about what I’m about to tell you. Maybe the telling will help explain it. I went to DD’s house on Sunday night to cook him bubble and squeak risoni with the leftovers from his Saturday roast. I returned home at 10.15pm to find my front screen […]

There’s a problem for you

My least favourite phrase EVER in the history of phrases is “first world problems”. It’s been bandied around a lot when it comes to a new Aussie movie I saw on Saturday called Palm Beach. I’m not entirely sure what sort of problems first world people are supposed to have, as they can’t suffer third […]