I really should be mopping

It’s a bit naughty that I sit and blog when I should be doing housework … the floor desperately needs a mop, but I’m soooooo easily distracted. I also HATE housework. DD reckons he quite likes it. That’s just WEIRD. If I had the dosh I’d get a cleaner. And a gardener. No question. There […]

Lost connection

I slept like a baby over the weekend. I’m talking eight, nine, maybe even 10 hours a night. And you know why? We were invited by DD’s friends – Cliff & Sakura – to join them at a holiday house at Hyams Beach for a few days. It was down at Jervis Bay, which is […]

Whatever floats your boat

Sooooo, it turns out I misread the cupcake instructions for the Year 6 fete – it was just slices of cake that needed to be individually wrapped. Unfortunately, one of the school mums only read my blog AFTER I’d bagged them all and let me know my mistake just 10 minutes too late … Bugger. […]

Taking a few deep breaths

I cried at approximately 10.15am yesterday morning when it was revealed that Australia had overwhelmingly voted YES for marriage equality. I was literally shaking as I watched the live feed build (slooooooowly) up to the big announcement. It was such an amazing moment to witness. I’m still livid that we wasted so much money on […]

Doing the time warp with DD

Since I started editing a website called drinks bulletin, I’ve been getting a few invites to booze launches and cocktail competitions. Generally they’re on nights when I have the kids, but one popped up on a Monday … at Marble Bar … so I jumped at it! Having not grown up in Sydney, Marble Bar […]

What’s going on up there?

I fought my way through the overgrown, burr-filled wasteland that is the side of my house on Saturday to hang the washing out. As I stepped over the enormous tomato plant that has miraculously emerged from a crack in the wall and is fruiting all over the concrete, I discovered a roof tile smashed on […]

Knocked for a six

I was too sick to blog yesterday. Bloody virus. First it took down the eldest, then I woke up at 2am on Wednesday morning thinking “ooooh, I don’t feel too good.” The first place I feel these things is in my chicken injury in my sacrum (explanation: I once I did the splits on a […]

I wanna win

Did you win anything in the Melbourne Cup yesterday? I struck out in the office sweep. I know someone who owns a horse that ran in the Cup this year – ooooh errrr! –  so they were trackside and absolutely hyper with excitement. They missed out on placing in the top three, but I’d imagine […]

It’s rubbing off

My 11-year-old constantly dazzles me with her positive attitude. She has terrible eczema and associated nasty allergies, but that doesn’t stop her being one of the most glass-half-full people I know. I’m also awed by her ability to engage with just about anyone and ask them thoughtful, interested questions. While I was in the Hunter […]

Living like the other half

I often tell DD how lucky we are. We found each other. We fell in love. And we have the loveliest adventures together. It sometimes feels like we deal with more than our fair share of dramas, but the wonderful moments far outweigh the shite ones. Over the weekend, we headed to the Hunter Valley […]