Sneaking in the special moments

My new life may sometimes overwhelm me with its challenges, but there are so many moments that fill my heart with joy. And last Friday morning was one of them. I stood on the headland at Avalon, sipping a strong flat white from a converted Kombi coffee van with DD, watching the sun rise. Geez […]

Open for inspection

I’m having a few friends over tonight for nibbles and drinks to thank them for helping me decorate the bowlo for my 50th birthday party. It’s also a chance to show them the the results of decorating I’ve been doing at home. Some have never seen my place before because I’ve been too embarrassed by […]

You must be lying

It was weird reading the Facebook comments from my sister and her bestie on my blog post yesterday, following our dinner together on Tuesday night. I’d been torturing myself for talking too much – as usual – and not listening enough – as usual – and bemoaning what I terrible dinner guest I’d been … […]

It just keeps on giving

I got invited to dinner at my sister’s place last night. Except she was away in Dubbo at a family function with her husband and son. The invite came from her best friend, who I hadn’t realised was housesitting. I’d forgotten my sister was away when the invite arrived on Messenger. I just thought it […]

How did THAT get in there?

My Renault – aka The Orange Lemon – went to the workshop yesterday after the “Top Up Oil Levels” warning light came on YET AGAIN. The interior of the car usually looks like Tempe Tip, so I scuttled out early in the morning with a garbage bag to clear the mess. And I discovered the […]

Big mistake. Huge

There’s an episode of “The Middle”where Frankie buys a “bargain” dining table over the internet, only to discover why it’s so cheap when it arrives: it’s for a dolls’ house. I just did the opposite. I ordered a bar table online and it arrived giant sized. It was delivered on Friday and I set to […]

Don’t take it for granted

Spending half your life with someone … and then losing them … is a big thing to get your head around. So I suppose it isn’t surprising that it’s still on my mind four years later. What I’ve realised during all my overthinking is how we both stuffed up. And the biggest, most obvious thing […]

Entering the danger zone

Welcome to 50 … an invitation to get a free mammogram has joined my free bowel cancer test on my kitchen bench. I’m really not looking forward to tackling either of them. At all. Aside from entering the danger zone for various forms of cancer, other unfortunate side effects of ageing that I’m  battling include […]

Double whammy

Agreeing on how to parent teenagers is tricky, whether you’re living with your partner or not. But I get the feeling it will come with a unique additional set of challenges as a separated family. Yesterday kicked off with the youngest sending disgruntled text messages to me about a fight she’d had with her dad […]

It’s a mystery

The ex and I went parent-teacher speed dating together last night. I don’t know if you’ve done the public high school parent-teacher thing, but it involves – at ours – a hall full of teachers at little desks and a big brass bell that rings every five minutes to let you know it’s time to […]