Rats in the ranks

There’s so much stuff I haven’t had a chance to tell you because I’ve been caught up with post-op mothering. Where do I start? The eldest has purple hair now. … which means I have a purple bathroom now … I had to touch the rats yesterday after they knocked out the tunnel between their […]

You had me at hello

I’ve been movie marathoning with the youngest while she’s laid up in bed. I grabbed a handful of DVDs at JB Hi-Fi on Saturday to keep us entertained. When my ex called the youngest and she told him about my trek, he was perplexed. “Why doesn’t she just use Netflix?” he asked. “Because mum doesn’t […]

My husband comes in handy

The youngest and I have survived another day of blood and mucus and pain. Well, I didn’t have any pain, other than my usual middle-aged aches. But I did see a lot of blood and mucus, especially during the inaugural saline nasal wash … we’re moving to three daily now, I’m hoping my involvement winds […]

Feeling lucky

You don’t expect to feel lucky when you’re mopping streams of blood and mucus from your daughter’s nose as she lies woebegone in bed. But I did. The youngest was horrified that I was cleaning her up. She asked how I could stand it. She said she’d be retching if she was doing it to […]

Every single time

I rued my single mum life on Monday night as I packed away the groceries at 10.30pm. Geez it’s relentless sometimes. Monday was – as previously noted – a bit stressy. It started with me waving DD off in an Uber to the airport, then collecting the sick youngest from the train station, taking them […]

So unadventurous

I’d just waved DD off in his Uber to the airport yesterday when the youngest texted to say she’d made it halfway to school and was too sick to continue … could I pick her up … like, now? Teenagers are a little fuzzy on logistics  -she had no concept of how long it would take […]

Burning love

I packed my wetsuit and drove to DD’s on Saturday, hoping for a swim. It’s still 21C in the water, though it was a brisk 18C out of it. DD had other ideas: he took me on a ferry ride to Ettalong instead. Cunning diversion! We haven’t done the Palm Beach to Ettalong ferry thing […]

I don’t miss that woman

Writing about New York yesterday provoked a flood of memories. I was searching for a photo of the youngest pretending to be the Statue of Liberty when I stumbled across a blog post I wrote while I was living there. It was waaaaaaay back in 2007, when blogging was still in its infancy and the […]

Nooooo not again

The youngest was off school sick again yesterday. Fortunately all she missed was a geography excursion to the local creek. She thought it was equally fortunate she had a rat snoozing in a bed sock to keep her company. Each to their own. The picture she sent me is kinda cute, but there’s still no […]

No one wants to see that

Soon after I published yesterday’s blog post, I let the dogs out and discovered the back room was covered in dog bile, puke and other gross stuff. I’m not exaggerating. It was EVERYWHERE. In big piles. My first instinct was to take a photograph. It wasn’t a very good first instinct. As I framed the […]