This is who I blame

Most people don’t even realise until I tell them. They don’t know it’s happening. Facebook is making choices for them. It’s deciding what they do and don’t want to see in their “news feed”. And it’s getting on my goat. Earlier this week I wrote about the death of blogging. Mumabulous reckons people can no […]

I’ve had worse Valentine’s Days

That wouldn’t be too hard, though – I’ve had some shockers in my time. There was the date at the French restaurant where the woman at the next table kept screeching with outrage about the food being “f@#king raw’ all the way through dinner. So romantic. Then there was Valentine’s Day 2014, when my husband […]

It died and I didn’t notice

I feel a bit like Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend’ … wandering alone … searching for other survivors … Mumabulous wrote a post last week asking “Is blogging dead?” The question came after she took a six-month break from her own site. She said: “I’ve re-entered the room to find blogging on life support whilst […]

Not your average Monday night

Every now and then my job entails going to functions where there are lots of free cocktails and barramundi sliders and hawt men in tuxedos. Actually, no, last night was the very first time. It was the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Challenge at the Eternity Theatre in Darlinghurst. I have no idea why some of the […]

I decided it might be fatal

It gets very, very quiet at my place every second weekend. Well, apart from the dogs barking at the possums in the backyard at 10pm at night and me yelling at them to SHUT UP and hosing them when they don’t. Be grateful I’m not your neighbour. Anyways, apart from that, the place is a […]

She is not a rotten person

So many thoughts have been popping around in my head since Kate Langbroek slammed Vikki Campion for allegedly shagging Barnaby Joyce while he was still married. Those thoughts became so intense that I’ve decided to write a second blog post for the day. I haven’t done that since I was in the throws of ACP […]

How did I miss that?

I grew a beard the other night. At least I hope it was overnight. It would be so mortifying if it had been luxuriantly growing for days  … and everyone saw … but was too embarrassed to say anything … OK, it wasn’t actually a beard. It was just a few really, really long whiskers. […]

Call off the search party

I’ll try not to spend too much time gazing at my navel fluff  … but I can’t help reflecting on my 50 years of life as that big birthday approaches. The introspection lead me to revisit a blog post I wrote in 2014, a month after my husband skedaddled. I wrote: “Call off the search […]

The irony of the new me

I’m turning 50 next month. What? Nooooo! It feels pretty surreal. But it’s way less terrifying to reach the end of my 40s than I thought I would be. Not that I’m stoked to be the big 5-0, but life is good and a number won’t change that. Get back to me when I’m turning […]

I still can’t quite believe it

Two Qantas “travel documents” arrived in my inbox yesterday afternoon. They’re our flight itineraries for the World Skipping Championships. The youngest and I head to Shanghai on July 23. Every now and then a wave of “I can’t quite believe it” washes over me when I think about my kids and the unique talents they’ve […]