I am me

I rubbed some stray mascara from under my eye the other day and was horrified to see the skin remain in a little peak. I gave the peak a push, which just moved it along a few millimetres, so I had to gently pat it down flat. As Fashion Critical would say …. Jesus in […]

A very different Christmas

I finally put up our rag-tag Christmas tree yesterday. The youngest was keen to help, so I made her take a Clarityne a few hours beforehand. It made absolutely no difference – the tree was so dusty that she immediately became a sneezy mess and retreated to a kitchen stool to watch from a distance. She […]

Such a mean sister

I’m not entirely sure it’s kosher to take your sister to a whisky launch to celebrate her birthday when she’s sworn off alcohol for a year … But I did. And she came in very handy as the designated driver to get me home afterwards. Thanks sis! We drove to The Bar at Icebergs Dining […]

DD’s sweaty celebration

Part 2 of DD’s blogging mini-series … As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve become known as ‘DJ Dave’ among the Warrior workout group (also ‘Honey Prawn’ – because I’ve spent so much time in China on business trips this year). When I first started training with the group, one of the other guys would […]

How DD became D1

DD has written two guest blog posts for me! They were sparked by The Warrior Christmas Party on Saturdayt. I took the photos, but decided DD should provide the words. It’s his story, I’ve just been an observer during his fitness journey. He emailed the posts to me yesterday. It’s ridiculous how excited I still get […]

Always be darling

The unsung Paper Giants, the women and men who launched Cosmopolitan in Australia, gathered for its wake last weekend. Cosmo’s December issue will be its last – Bauer Media has decreed the title is no longer viable. It has joined CLEO on the scrap heap of the digital age. There’s no Asher Keddie-style mini-series about […]

Too old for this

It’s been a big few days. Huge. The action kicked off with the eldest striking for climate change in a hand-painted Springsteen on fire T-shirt. I waved my budding activist off and headed to my work Christmas party. It was at The Fernery, where I scored a free glass of Lanson bubbly because it was the […]

Not what I expected

Last night was single mum hellish … with a side of corn chips … I grabbed the eldest from rock climbing at 6pm, raced home, flung some sushi on plates for the kids and bolted out the door to a work function, promising I’d be home again within two hours. I thought the work function […]

Oh no they said yes

I’m going to a Radiator Hospital gig on Friday night. Yay. I called the Chippo Hotel and a nice woman called Betty told me that as long as I supervise the teenagers – the eldest is taking their mate Bill – at all times they’re allowed into the concert. The eldest was beyond stoked when […]

Telling tales

As we huddle around the island bench eating dinner, I regale/bore the kiddos with tales of my youth … and it’s come back to bite me. The eldest has expressed a strong desire to see a band called Hospital Pass … or something … let me check with my mate Google … ah, Radiator Hospital […]