Bad eggs vs good ones

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I had an uneventful weekend. Hello, what? Yep, absolutely no dramas. I'd like to say I slept like an angel too, but I've had a devil of a job nodding off. I've been tossing and turning as I fret about freelance projects and potential jobs. However, my days... Continue Reading →

Recipes of the week: Easy Middle Eastern feast

I was supposed to make things easier for myself this week by cooking exactly the same dishes for everyone. So I dutifully contemplated three dishes both families would enjoy and decided on lamb koftas, butter chicken and meat pies. But it seemed too pedestrian, so I pimped up the koftas into a full-on feast and... Continue Reading →

Quite shaken

You'd think Victorians have suffered enough after being in lockdown more than they've been out in the past 18 months, but no, Mother Nature sent them an earthquake yesterday. My sister in law who lives in Melbourne reckons its the biggest and longest earthquake she's ever felt. It went for a good 20 seconds and... Continue Reading →

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