Normal service will resume shortly

DD has convinced me to do some harrowing F45 thing this morning. I think it’s some sort of boot camp that kicks off at the ungodly hour of 6am. Then we’re going to watch the sun rise and sip coffee together. Watching the sun rise and sipping coffee together have kinda become our “things.” They’re […]


Honey, oh, sugar, sugar

Remember my youngest daughter being mentally scarred by the boy in That Sugar Film whose teeth had rotted from drinking Mountain Dew? She refused to eat sugar for months afterwards and still has stretches off sucrose, kinda like Dry July for kids. After a sugary school holidays, she eased herself into the first week back […]


Far OUT that was a freaking whirl

Yesterday was … quite something on the working-single-mum-juggling-act front. I woke at 5am, panicking because I didn’t have a blog written and wanting something published by 7am for my dear friend Katherine as a tribute to our get-together on Sunday. When I wake up in a panic there’s no going back, my heart starts racing […]


Old gang meets new(ish) boyf

I’m on my mettle this morning. My friend Katherine, who is an Anglican priest, informed me yesterday that she needs the blog published by 7am each morning or she misses her reading window before her insanely busy days begin. Well, she doesn’t need it published by 7am, but it helps. I’m constantly humbled that busy […]


David’s getting married!

Isn’t that always the way? You say you don’t care about something any more and suddenly you do … Well, care isn’t the right word. My interest was piqued. I was trawling through my Instagram feed yesterday when I came across a post by David Hasselhoff that said: “LADY IN RED – MY FUTURE WIFE.” […]


Getting into the new groove

It doesn’t take me very long to get obsessive about my job. Alright, alright, it doesn’t take me very long to get obsessive about ANYTHING. I have an easily fixated brain. But let’s just focus on the professional stuff for this particular blog post. I’ve spent most of my career completely hooked on all things […]

wedding speech

How fragile love can be

I found my wedding speech in the attic a few years ago. I was clearing out the attic of our broken family home, getting it ready for sale. The speech was in a box of old love letters and photographs. Remember love letters? I’m sad my kids will never get one. It rattles me whenever […]


It hurts

I was convinced it was fatal when I woke up on Monday morning and couldn’t walk properly. The bit where my femur meets my hip really, really hurt. Some terrible bone condition, I decided. Dying. And then I realised what it actually was: muscle pain from bowling. I. Am. Getting. So. Old. How can a […]


Drinking with chickens

The world often breaks my heart with its hate and anger. I feel terribly sad when I scan the news websites each day. How can people have lost their perspective on the preciousness of human life? Closer to home, things can feel pretty precarious too. Modern living has filled humanity with so much anxiety that […]