Where did I come from?

There was a flutter of excitement in the playground at school pick-up yesterday. It’s Book Week and the kids have been asked to bring in their favourite book for News. Lots of Enid Blyton from the girls, books about sharks and dinosaurs from the boys. Until Wednesday, when one little bloke brought in “Where did […]

I’m cheating …

Normally I try to separate church and state … except on Sundays when I sum up my week. But today – forgive me followers – I am going to be shameless. Something very exciting happened on Monday. The website I edit, iVillage, hit 10,000 likes. And things have been steam training ever since. We’re about […]

The little things

Every now and then something pops into my Facebook feed that stops me in my tracks. Yesterday, someone shared a link with a site called Our Small Moments. The author, Courtney, describes herself as “a wife, mother, grad student, photographer, writer, and teacher, trying to live now, figuring out each day as it comes.  Every […]

10 totally bizarre themed restaurants

OK, I know this post is a little left field and totally breaks all the rules about what a blogger is supposed to do (be known for something, stick to a theme), but hey I’ve been eclectic from day one so why stop now … After yesterday’s funniest movies post I decided to find something […]

Laughter is the best medicine

We’re up to our sixth day with sick kids underfoot and the TV is getting a MAJOR workout. After endless episodes of X-Files, Doctor Who and Living With Boys I felt like lightening up. So I rented Galaxy Quest. It wasn’t quite as good as I remembered, and the seven year old was totally confused […]