Where were YOU??

DD is threatening to write a guest post detailing how I abandoned him when he had a terrible flu last year. I sounded so forlorn on the phone yesterday, he felt obliged to trek down to brave my germs and buy me lunch. Thar’s two days in a row he’s been exposed to my deathly […]

Two steps forward …

I started feeling more human and less living dead around lunchtime yesterday. I downgraded to a level of sick that allowed me to sit on the couch flicking through Home Beautiful magazines while watching old movies, including Shirley Valetine, who I regard as a bit of a kindred spirit, well, apart from the running off […]

Tough reminder

There’s nothing like getting horribly ill to remind you of the downsides of being a single mum. I felt pretty miserable and alone yesterday as I struggled to parent my kids while battling the flu. When you’re married and sick there’s another adult to take your child to band practice at 7.15am; help them with […]

Well that might explain it

I started coughing midway through the Women in drinks board meeting yesterday morning. I continued coughing through the Diversity@Drinks Council meeting. At 4.30pm, I made the call to retire early from the fray, skipping the AGM and Chairman’s Drinks. Everything hurt: my joints, my eyes, my back, my throat, my head … I caught a […]

A bit all over the place

The introspection is still strong in this one. It woke me too early yesterday, clenching at my heart and tearducts. A busy day at work – and the company of my workmates … oh and lots of caffeine – beat that out of me. No time for self pity when there are stories to be […]

Things I want them to know

OF COURSE I haven’t let it go. How well do you know me? It’s a PROCESS when someone hurts or disappoints me, one that takes a while to work its way through my system. Wondering what the hell I’m talking about? Sigh. The troll. Well, she’s not really a troll. She just told me twice, […]

Seen better days

My week caught up with me on Sunday. I felt quite spent. It was one of those please-don’t-make-me-adult kind of days. But there’s so much goddamn adulting to be done. Work is full-on at the moment. End-of-year means everything is moving at a cracking pace. And some VERY long back-to-back days lie ahead. Meanwhile, the […]

What have I done??

Guilt kept me awake last night. I was wracked with it. I’ve done something akin to letting my 10-year watch Game of Thrones or smoke or go to the mall with a full face of make-up. I taught her how to make cocktails. *hangs head in shame* I didn’t mean to do it, but she […]

Picking a date

An anniversary passed earlier this month and I TOTALLY forgot it. It’s two years since DD and I first met. Although I’m not entirely sure what date I should classify as our actual “anniversary”. Should it be October 10, when he first contacted me on RSVP … because he felt sorry for desperate “Chessiah” constantly […]

Whoa, harsh

Why do I blog? It’s a question I ask myself most weeks. Sometimes I struggle to find words. Sometimes I struggle to find time. Sometimes I wonder if Housegoeshome has run its course. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The blog has cost me a job: remember the time I fired […]