Seen better days

My week caught up with me on Sunday. I felt quite spent. It was one of those please-don’t-make-me-adult kind of days.

But there’s so much goddamn adulting to be done.

Work is full-on at the moment. End-of-year means everything is moving at a cracking pace. And some VERY long back-to-back days lie ahead.

Meanwhile, the last bits of the renovation are proving challenging. I got home on Friday and almost wept when I saw the splashback because it was just plain WRONG.

It was supposed to be the height of the stainless steel splashback behind the cooktop, but it pokes up WAY further. And it’s been glued to the wall quite tightly. I almost cried, before giving myself a good shake and telling myself there are bigger problems in the world. But I don’t think I can look at it like that for the next eight years, so something will have to be done.


NB Whoever glued the splashback to the wall also dripped glue everywhere. Sigh.

And the guy who installed the French doors dragged them all over the newly polished floor, so it’s covered in scratches.

I also have quite a few hours of dust removal to go.

Then there are the electricals to finish off – we’re up to a couple of months now that the eldest hasn’t had a light in her room.

And I got a quote for $2100 to get the room painted, which seems rather a lot.

And window coverings need to be sorted out (I’ve nailed a piece of fabric up so I’m not on quite such intimate terms with the neighbours lives and vice versa).

And the washing machine is stuffed again. I thought I’d fixed it, but no, it’s making a very strange noise and seems comprehensively screwed.

It’s $200 for a call out to look at the bloody thing. Then whatever it would cost to fix it. Or $600 for a new one. That would involve being another $600 in debt, but a washing machine feels like a bit of a must-have rather than a nice-to-have.

Speaking of weird noises, the computer sounds like it has a terrible case of asthma. I’m expecting it to cark it at any moment.

Don’t get me started on the wobbly wi-fi – I see another two hour call to iiNet in my future.

And they’re all MY problems to fix, there’s no-one to share the burden.


Oh, and my troll sent a message to thank me for removing her from the blog. And to ask what my kids will think of me when they read the “veiled” things I say about their dad. And to reiterate how narcissistic and banal I am.

I’ve decided not to reply because she’s obviously not going to “get” it: that nasty comments are wrong, that I’ve been kind to my ex and my kids see it every day, that it’s best not to judge without having the full facts.

It leaves me feeling sooooooo weary, which isn’t the way you want to start a week.

But the grit I’m blessed to have running through my veins will get me out of bed … oh, and hugs. Hugs help too.

We all have our battles to fight and our mountains to climb. So, whatever you’re facing this week, good luck … And hugs.

Song of the day: Pete Murray “Better Days”







14 thoughts on “Seen better days

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  1. Goodness I wish I could help somehow but I can barely adult myself. Just quietly I am sick to death of trolls. There is frankly far too much of it going on at the moment and too many beautiful ppl being trolled.

    Much love xoxo

  2. It must be something in the stars because I had a week like that too what with blocked pipes (the house not mine) and problems at work. If someone scratched my newly polished floors I would have a massive tantrum. As for the splash back, I would have run screaming from the house. I can’t stand it when people don’t do their job properly. Things can only get better I suppose. As for the troll, wtf? What is wrong with people?

    1. No idea what’s wrong with her, but must be something, even though she says there’s not. Nice people don’t do stuff like that … well, not in my world.

  3. I hear you. I’m struggling to adult too. And I’m not even working and I have a husband and only one child. So you’re a legend in my eyes.

    Can’t believe you got a follow-up email. I can’t even…

  4. You’d think the tradie would’ve called you once he realised the splash-back was a different height. Just to check that that’s what you actually wanted… But alas, no, tradies aren’t design-minded people.

    If you’re planning on painting the walls white then it probably doesn’t matter that it’s a different height. And heck…. even if you’re not planning to paint the walls, you’ll get used to it. But really?!?!?!? No phone call?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!????????

    1. Yeah, a phone call would have been REALLY GOOD. But no. We’re thinking about a feature colour on the wall, so something will have to be done. I’ll wait until the builder calls to chase his final payment …

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