Swing low

Today has been a “low mood” sort of day. A psychologist came up with the phrase for me earlier this year. I don’t tick the boxes for “depression”, so “low mood” covers the bleak cloud that sweeps over me at regularish intervals. Husband was quite cross about the “low-mood” diagnosis. He’d been hoping for a proper depression that could be […]

Get knotted

Four and a half precious hours on my recent trip to Fiji were spent at a backpackers’ hostel getting my kids’ hair braided ($30 per child, compared to $90 per child at the nearby resort spa). Tonight I spent another two long hours unbraiding them again. If they didn’t look so damn cute with their […]

Aisle be there for you

Sprog 2 graciously agreed to accompany me to the supermarket this morning so long as she could sit in the trolley the whole time. Ah, freedom at last! The expedition went horribly awry when she started digging around the trolley for her half-eaten cheese & bacon roll (I know, I know, not a responsible food choice, […]

Brave new world

It’s been 28 days since I stopped work. Or should I say, stopped paid work. I spent the first week sick in bed, the second week sick in Fiji (ah, well, at least it was warm), the third week nursing Sprog 1 through a vomitting bug, the fourth week … well, I was expecting I’d get a chance to stretch my […]