Swing low

Today has been a "low mood" sort of day. A psychologist came up with the phrase for me earlier this year. I don't tick the boxes for "depression", so "low mood" covers the bleak cloud that sweeps over me at regularish intervals. Husband was quite cross about the "low-mood" diagnosis. He'd been hoping for a proper depression that could be... Continue Reading →

Get knotted

Four and a half precious hours on my recent trip to Fiji were spent at a backpackers' hostel getting my kids' hair braided ($30 per child, compared to $90 per child at the nearby resort spa). Tonight I spent another two long hours unbraiding them again. If they didn't look so damn cute with their... Continue Reading →

Brave new world

It's been 28 days since I stopped work. Or should I say, stopped paid work. I spent the first week sick in bed, the second week sick in Fiji (ah, well, at least it was warm), the third week nursing Sprog 1 through a vomitting bug, the fourth week ... well, I was expecting I'd get a chance to stretch my... Continue Reading →

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