HouseGoesHollywood: guess who tweeted their baby’s circumcision?

Hot damn it never slows down in celebrity land. And this week it's all about over-sharing (which I can't really diss ... pot ... kettle ... black). From tweeting their baby's circumcision to posting videos of themselves half-naked in bed, here's what went down: >> Calvin Klein has launched a social media movement among celebrities,... Continue Reading →

I’ve had enough

Please don’t click on links that are publishing paparazzi pics of Milo. Here’s a personal pic instead. — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) February 17, 2014 There's a gathering storm in Hollywood and it's raining on the paparazzi's parade. I want to hide all their umbrellas ... are you with me? As the Seattle Post reports: Alyssa Milano... Continue Reading →


It's been a looooooong, difficult week and I figure there's a fair few more of those to come. But lots of positive things are already beginning to happen. My social life has become quite the whirl. There have been so many great conversation with wonderful women and men who care. The support they've offered has... Continue Reading →

The week in gossip: 4 celeb births and Matt Damon’s hairy butt

What a week: Teresa Palmer became a mum, Simon Cowell became a dad, Charlie Sheen got engaged to a porn star, Footloose turned 30, Reality Bites turned 20, I separated from my husband ... Yup, it was all happening ... >> Aussie actress Teresa Palmer and husband Mark Webber welcomed a son, Bodhi Rain on Monday. Teresa announced the happy... Continue Reading →

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