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It’s been a looooooong, difficult week and I figure there’s a fair few more of those to come.

But lots of positive things are already beginning to happen.

My social life has become quite the whirl. There have been so many great conversation with wonderful women and men who care. The support they’ve offered has been incredibly uplifting.

I’ve had my incredible downs over the past few days too. But I seem to be pretty indestructible … exhausting as that can be sometimes.

And I figure I’ve had my share of bad luck to last for the rest of my life … so the next 45 years are going to be AWESOME.

Two years ago I wrote a blog called Dark Clouds & Silver Linings … it was about surviving my terrible work dramas and coming to grips with my new world. It was pretty bleak, with a few faint glimmers of hope for the future.

Six months ago, when things fell apart for me again (this time my marriage), I reblogged it and called it Out of Order.

Geez, that was a bloody long, hard week too.

I won’t put you through reblogging it a third time, but a certain Kate Bush song HAS started playing in my head again … so I’ll just repost that little bit …

When I’m processing my emotions, I hear songs in my head. Yesterday at 6.30am, I pulled on my trainers and went for a walk. The air was mild, the sky was blue, the world felt like the most wonderful place. Kate Bush started serenading me withCloudbusting and I was humming along …

“Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen.

And I don’t know when,

But just saying it could even make it happen …”

I was positive something good was going to happen, because it always does (sometimes it just takes a while).

Two years ago, I didn’t realised it was going to take quite this long for the good thing to happen. Not that there haven’t been lovely moments …

How can someone have such a fortunate life and such an unfortunate one at the same time?


A friend says I should write down on a piece of paper the direction I want my life to take. Put it in a jar. Forget about it. Open the jar again in twelve months and she swears what I wrote will have come true. Always used to work with her and boys when she was younger …

I just have to decide which direction I want my life to take.

Only problem is … I have no idea …

But I do know those clouds need to be busted.

PS And here’s the gorgeous Kate Bush song …

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