This is what you’re missing

My kids have an awesome dad. He had some failings as a husband, but as a father he rocks. He’s also a pretty great co-parent. We communicate most days about what the kids are doing, things they need, things they’ve forgotten. Our exchanges are friendly and co-operative. Sometimes they’re hilarious. Here’s a text he sent […]

Giving up

Relax, this isn’t a blog about me giving up on life … though I wonder if I had a few years ago. One of the signs: I started wearing very unflattering Kmart trakkie daks to school pick-up … No, it’s about giving up on stuff that’s not entirely good for me. (OK, unflattering trakkie daks […]

I can’t believe I’ve done it 1853 times

HouseGoesHome turns four today. Wow. I can’t believe I’ve been baring my soul for four whole years. Al’s on-line therapy service has been given quite the work-out. But it’s not the soul baring that gets the punters in … Take a look at my Top 10 blog posts from the past four years: 1. A funny thing […]

Modus Operandi: getting out of my funk

There’s no better way of getting out of your funk than by listening to it … I spent last night at a really cool bar on Sydney’s northern beaches called Modus Operandi Brewing Co, watching Mo Soul Club perform. Mo Soul Club has a core band, then guest musos and singers join the line-up for […]

My week: running away from home

I have no idea why last week got to me. It just did. By Thursday I’d had it with the woe is me. So I did something about it: I ran away from home. When you’re a kid, that just means stuffing a few things in a backpack and going. Or in my case, being too […]

It’s alright, baby’s coming back

One of my beloved blog followers commiserated with me about how “sad” yesterday’s blog was … Oooops. I hadn’t meant to be sad. Introspective perhaps, but not sad. Being sad about silly stuff is such a waste. My hairdresser was fixing my grey roots yesterday and gave me a great leveller. She pointed out that […]

How much regret can one woman take?

Regular readers of HouseGoesHome will know regret is a recurring theme in my life. I’m such a seething hotbed of guilt I should have been born Catholic … For example, I was crushed by regret last week after flying off the handle and saying something that set a whole spiral of misery in motion. That was HORRIBLE. […]

Not again! Sigh

I worked from home AGAIN yesterday, because the eldest is sick AGAIN. Well, maybe she’s still sick from last week. She wanly said she’d go to school so I could go to the office, but she looked so crook I just couldn’t do it to her. My boss was very understanding when I messaged her, […]

Gritting my teeth and baring it

I walked into my doctor’s surgery yesterday and announced: “Sorry, but I’m here for another icky thing.” My doctor thinks I’m a bit of a cack. We always have a laugh together. He’s quirky like me. Do you see a same-sex doctor for your intimate stuff? I used to … but in my old age […]