The Brazilian Incident Part 2

I don't want to alarm anyone, but there's a cactus growing in my vagina. At least, that's what it feels like. Y'know how I got a Brazilian wax (click here if you missed that little piece of TMI and wish to catch up). And y'know how I was complaining about the beautician missing bits. And... Continue Reading →

This is what you’re missing

My kids have an awesome dad. He had some failings as a husband, but as a father he rocks. He's also a pretty great co-parent. We communicate most days about what the kids are doing, things they need, things they've forgotten. Our exchanges are friendly and co-operative. Sometimes they're hilarious. Here's a text he sent... Continue Reading →

Giving up

Relax, this isn't a blog about me giving up on life ... though I wonder if I had a few years ago. One of the signs: I started wearing very unflattering Kmart trakkie daks to school pick-up ... No, it's about giving up on stuff that's not entirely good for me. (OK, unflattering trakkie daks... Continue Reading →

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