I can’t believe I’ve done it 1853 times


HouseGoesHome turns four today.


I can’t believe I’ve been baring my soul for four whole years. Al’s on-line therapy service has been given quite the work-out.

But it’s not the soul baring that gets the punters in …

Take a look at my Top 10 blog posts from the past four years:

1. A funny thing happened when I talked about sex…

2. Let’s talk about sex

3. HouseGoesHollywood: Princess Kate’s nude scandal

4. HouseGoesHollywood: amazing celebrity houses (and wife swaps) revealed

5. 10 amazing loot bags

6. I can’t stop thinking about Sandra Bullock’s thighs

7. 14 incredible cubby houses

8. Ever imagined being ravished by a triceratops?

9. Murder, medicine and motherhood

10. 11 wacky wedding poses

Yep, it’s all about sex, baby. And loot bags.

But that’s OK, we all know sex sells.


Scientists have confirmed it. That’s why attractive men and women are used to advertise everything – it excites those areas of the brain that make you buy on impulse, bypassing the sections that control rational thought …

Sorry … what was I talking about again?

Oh, that’s right, HouseGoesHome. My site has been viewed more than half a million times over the past four years, mainly by people wanting to find out more about the triceratops sex act … and being bitterly disappointed by my lack of detail on the subject.

I’ve posted 1853 blogs over the past four years. Wow, that’s a lot of words.

If you’d like to give HouseGoesHome a birthday present, why not …

Thanks for sharing my journey, I really appreciate your kindness and support.

Song of the day: Beastie Boys “You gotta fight for your right to party”

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