10 amazing loot bags

I’ve become a little fixated – no, really, me? – on Sprog 1’s party bags. I want them to be  a source of delight for their recipients. Since Sprog 1 is having a science experiment party, I’m hoping to create something that reflects the theme. So I’ve been Googling myself into a coma as I search for inspiration, without much success on the science front, although I did think these ones I found on Captain’s Blog were pretty spesh …

And if we were going down the mad scientist route, these Frankenstein ones that Homeschool Escapade made for her daughters, Sunflower and Rose, would be awesome …

I decided these ones from Mary Had a Little Party were fantastic but a little too clever for nine year olds …

But that was about all 500 hours of electronic surfing turned up.

Along the way I discovered some amazing non-scientific goodie/loot/party bags that mums have put together for their kids’ guests.

The Party Mama Handmade hunny pots for her two-year-old’s birthday party. She also organised these amazing bucket bags for a Hawaiian themed kids party …

American TV present Nancy O’Dell celebrated her daughter Ashby’s 2nd birthday party and handed everyone Skip Hop backpacks on their way out. As you do when you’re rich.

Tip Junkie held a night-owl pyjama party for her daughter’s 7th birthday with 15 of her friends and made these cute bags for everyone to take home …

It reminded me a bit of the mice Maxabella Loves decided to make for each guest at her daughter’s recent slumber party …

Craftsmumship‘s gumball machines filled with M&Ms were simple – but I’m guessing – wildly successful …

And finally, Sprog 2 – who regards goodie bags as the best part of any party and stuffed animals as the only gift worth having – would go crazy for these doggie bags

Have you ever created an amazing goodie bag for your child’s party – tell me about it. Or better yet, send me a photo.

Get more great ideas with 9 More Awesome Loot Bags

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  1. Miss 5’s forthcoming 6th will be a ‘colourful and creative’ party. We’re doing sand art/stickers/painting etc rather than traditional party games. This gives me immense licence to do anything at all with the party bags that’s bright and colourful. Nothing needs to match, nothing needs to follow a particular rule or pattern. I’m sure it says something about my general approach to event management!

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