Get off my cloud

I need to do some major unsubscribing. My email inbox is up to 73,968 unread messages. Eeek! Yesterday's messages - all deleted unread - included: "Your Dream Puffer Has Landed" ... who has dreams about puffers??? "Hotel Day Spa Pampering In Warwick Farm from $99" ... blergh, no thanks. "8 New Tequilas You Should Be... Continue Reading →

Damage report

As predicted, the weekend wasn't without incident. The hot water service went on the blink on Saturday night and I tripped on the door sausage as I went outside to fix it, twisting my foot. I was NOT happy to have a dodgy hot water service, a twisted foot AND the mystery rash that’s taken... Continue Reading →

Still hiding

I finally found the courage to tell my hairdresser that I’m hibernating for a while longer. They emailed and phoned to organise my next appointment, but I avoided them. I wasn’t brave enough to call back, I just emailed my reply. I hate letting people down. I also didn't tell them the real reason I'm not... Continue Reading →

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