Get off my cloud

I need to do some major unsubscribing. My email inbox is up to 73,968 unread messages. Eeek! Yesterday’s messages – all deleted unread – included: “Your Dream Puffer Has Landed” … who has dreams about puffers??? “Hotel Day Spa Pampering In Warwick Farm from $99” … blergh, no thanks. “8 New Tequilas You Should Be […]

A little stout

The back-to-school bustle messed with my iso routine yesterday. I did a 30-minute return trip to drop the youngest to a bus stop in one direction, then picked the eldest up to do the 30-minute trip to their school in the other direction. It meant there was no time to walk the dogs to the […]

Not an urban myth

It rained a lot, I’m still itchy, I spent a lot of time hunched in front of a computer … that about sums up my yesterday. Not very exciting, so it’s lucky I have the answers to my booze quiz to share with you. I know you’re all on the edge of your seats, so […]

Can you guess the answer?

My plans for yesterday were rained out. I’d been hoping to start the day with a sunrise and finish it with a night walk with my friend Mel. The torrential weather meant I didn’t get to do either. Sad face. DD and I grabbed strong flat whites and breakfast burritos from the van on the […]

Damage report

As predicted, the weekend wasn’t without incident. The hot water service went on the blink on Saturday night and I tripped on the door sausage as I went outside to fix it, twisting my foot. I was NOT happy to have a dodgy hot water service, a twisted foot AND the mystery rash that’s taken […]

Suck it up princess

It’s day three of my mystery rash and I still look and feel like I’m sunburnt, with the itch you get when it peels. I’ve realised that the arrival of the rash coincided with my 20th wedding anniversary. Yep, 20 years ago this week I was walking down the “aisle” in a photographic studio on […]

Rash decision

I had a terrifying dream on Tuesday night. I was trapped in a house with a psychopath and he left the room for a moment, so I ran and locked myself in the bathroom to buy myself some time. I could see his feet under the door and knew I only had moments before he […]

Three years from now

It’s terribly retro of me, but the only radio station I listen to these days is WSFM. It plays lots of 80s and 90s hits, with a Fleetwood Mac track at least once an hour. It’s just my speed. WSFM also regularly plays a song by Pink called “Who Knew?”. It has always unsettled me […]

Still hiding

I finally found the courage to tell my hairdresser that I’m hibernating for a while longer. They emailed and phoned to organise my next appointment, but I avoided them. I wasn’t brave enough to call back, I just emailed my reply. I hate letting people down. I also didn’t tell them the real reason I’m not […]

Almost normal

DD and I went out for dinner on Saturday night. He booked us a table for two at the local Malaysian restaurant we love. We ordered a glass of wine each, plus mee goreng and a chicken curry. We only stayed an hour so the table could be sanitized and rebooked. I looked askance at […]