Still hiding

I finally found the courage to tell my hairdresser that I’m hibernating for a while longer.

They emailed and phoned to organise my next appointment, but I avoided them. I wasn’t brave enough to call back, I just emailed my reply. I hate letting people down.

I also didn’t tell them the real reason I’m not returning has nothing to do with COVID-19 fears.

I want to give it a few more weeks to decide whether I’m ready to embrace my natural hair colour. It’s a bit hard to tell what that is from the centimetre or two of regrowth that’s showing through. And I figure there’s no better time to have grey roots than when you’re working from home during a pandemic.

I’m hopeful my hair is more golden than grey, but the youngest reckons I’m kidding myself. We will see.

I sprayed my regrowth on Sunday afternoon for a beach walk with DD’s friends and it still looked vaguely presentable when DD took me to watch the sunrise yesterday. I was worried the drizzling rain would leave me looking like Carrie in the prom scene, but the red spray stayed put.

I was also worried the weather would screw up my latest attempt to see a pretty sunrise, but luckily the rays snuck through and made the clouds look like pink fairy floss. Dreamy!

The look on DD’s face won’t be dreamy if I return to the hairstyle of my youth, which was only a few inches long and will make it easier to transition to my new shade. DD likes my swishy red locks.

So why do it? Aside from the curiosity, I’m tired of the hassle and expense of dyeing my hair.

But I don’t want to look or feel any older than I already do.


I told DD (again) over the weekend that I’m sad we didn’t get more time with the younger versions of ourselves. I’ve aged a lot over the past six years.

But he gets more attractive to me as time goes on.

It reminds me of a scene in an episode of Doctor Who – The Girl Who Waited – that I watched with the eldest last week.

In it, Amy talks about how much she loves the way her husband Rory looks (that’s them in the main pic).

She says: “You meet them and you think, ‘Not bad, they’re okay’. And then you get to know them and … and they’re face just sort of … becomes them, like their personality is written all over it. And they just … they turn into something so beautiful.”

Oh, my heart! Yes!

I hope it’s the same for DD. He says it is … well, at least when I smile. Not so much when I sulk!

OK, gotta go, my caffeine fix awaits.

Song of the day: John Mayer “Stop this train”





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