Sweet surprise

Remember me saying I needed to stop over-scheduling my life? Well that resolution went straight out the window on Friday. DD and I were invited to an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Margaret River’s Cape Mentelle winery, which was held at North Bondi SLSC. The surf club has the most glorious views and […]

The dizzy limit

Just when I thought life couldn’t find any more curve balls to throw at me … I got vertigo yesterday. When I lay down on the step bench during my Butt, Abs & Thighs workout, the room started spinning. It’s a horrible feeling. I hoped it was a one off but, as I flipped over […]

Difficult people

It’s become my routine to walk the dogs to the coffee shop every morning. I often pass a large bus filled with barking dogs on the way home. There’s no signage on the bus, so I asked the driver one day what the deal was. He told me it’s a doggie day care bus that […]

Moving on

It’s been a bit gloomy at Housegoeshome lately, so I thought it was time for some positivity. Let’s start with how awesome Dulux Glinks Gully looks on my walls. I am soooooo happy that I went with full strength, it’s fabulous. I’m also looking forward to hanging some art on the walls. I’ve been given […]

Can you believe it?

I shut myself and the dogs in my bedroom with my computer yesterday while the painters got to work. The plan was to catch up on stuff after being snowed by a freelance job – mainly filling out paperwork to bolster my ailing bank account and applying for jobs. The universe hates it when I […]

Keep walking

I went to an event called Whisk(e)y on the Rocks on Friday night and concluded the festivities at a pop-up Johnnie Walker Highball Bar in The Rocks. It’s Johnnie Walker’s 200th anniversary this year and the brand’s slogan is “Keep walking”, which appropriately summarises my approach to life at the moment. Here are some snaps […]

Very busy job

I thought I’d be having lots of midweek swims with DD while searching for a new job, but unemployment turns out to be a very busy occupation. Yesterday I dropped the youngest to the bus stop, did an early morning Butt, Abs & Thighs workout at the gym and picked up a jar of baby […]

Totally rattled

I gave the eldest veterinary care as a 17th birthday present yesterday. Twitch the rat has been having trouble breathing and the eldest was up all night watching over him. I caved and made an appointment at the exotic pet hospital. I may have cried when the receptionist asked if Twitch was pooing normally. I […]

Not the best nurse

I’m not a natural when it comes to nurturing. I never remember to water plants and I’ve had to learn to notice – and comment – when someone looks different. When the kids were younger, my ex took care of all the vomit and injuries. Fortunately there hasn’t been much vomit since he’s left, but […]

Raising the bar

I drove into the city yesterday to do my serious Drinks Digest journalist thang. I was invited to the launch of Bundaberg Rum’s ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative – a $11.5 million support package aimed at helping the hospitality industry recover from COVID-19. Bundaberg Rum’s parent company, Diageo Australia, hosted the event and the NSW Minister […]