Raising the bar

I drove into the city yesterday to do my serious Drinks Digest journalist thang. I was invited to the launch of Bundaberg Rum’s ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative – a $11.5 million support package aimed at helping the hospitality industry recover from COVID-19.

Bundaberg Rum’s parent company, Diageo Australia, hosted the event and the NSW Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello was there for a COVID-safe hand sanitiser photo opp.

He spoke very passionate about getting Sydney’s nightlife back on track after the damaging effects of lockouts and lockdowns.

As it was a lunchtime photo call, there weren’t any alcoholic beverages on offer, which was totes fine as they make me feel way too sleepy during daylight hours. The pic above is the Deputy Event Manager at the ArtHouse Hotel pretending to make a Bundy cocktail for the cameras. But there were lots of very nice chicken skewers with kale salad to eat.

It felt great to be part of the event, alongside a Channel 7 news crew and a bloke from the Daily Tele, among others.

You can read more about it here.

It didn’t feel quite so good to go home to my sweltering house. Blimey it was hot in Sydney yesterday and I think my car’s air-conditioning has carked it. Of course … within weeks of it being out of warranty.

There isn’t any air-con in my house either, so when I did a Zoom job interview in the afternoon I had to apologise for all the perspiration beading on my face.

The interviewer turned out to be friends with my almost-ex-husband, because THE WORLD IS TOO SMALL. We ended up having a good old chinwag as a result.

Wish me luck!

In between all that I wrote a few stories, applied for another job and was still tapping away on the freelance book project I’m doing until 10pm last night. This unemployment business is hectic.

Hope you survived the heat OK.

Song of the day: Dragon “This time”

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