Take your narky pants off

Geez people like putting their narky pants on. Yesterday’s ranty radio moment featured people complaining about Valentine’s Day and comparing it to that devilish Halloween as another scourge visited upon us by Americans. I’m not a Valentine’s Day aficionado. I don’t have the slighest interest in receiving teddy bears clutching love hearts or bouquets of […]

You make my heart smile

My ears pricked up yesterday when I heard on the radio that there’s a man drought on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. A bar near DD’s place is supposed to host a single’s night, but it’s in jeopardy because no men have signed up. The event is aimed at people aged over 45 and so far only […]

I have to stop

I was bobbing blissfully in the sea at 6.30am yesterday morning. It was so glorious that I declared I’d be making weekly pilgrimages for pre-work swims. At 7am, I hopped in the car to head home for a shower before work. At 9am, I finally walked through my front door. That’s TWO FREAKING HOURS to […]

I’ve run away again

Yup, I’ve snuck off to the sea again. Well, just until 7am – now I have to battle the traffic so I’m not late to work. DD’s cousin Denise flies back to Hong Kong this morning, so I’ve heading up north to say goodbye. It’s also going to be a scorching 36C today in Sydney […]

The sweetest thing

Dr Chris Brown and I had lunch together once … just the two of us … at the Museum of Contemporary Art cafe. #notasexdreamihadlastnight I arrived early and was sitting at our table as he strode across the room looking like Roger Ramjet brought to life. Many heads turned and a few women shot me […]

Celebrating the million mark

I checked my HouseGoesHome stats last night and guess what? I’ve passed the milestone of 1 million views! HouseGoesHome and I have been through a lot together over the years. It kicked off a month after I left ACP Magazines, where I’d spent 20 years as a print journalist and editor. It initially chronicled my […]

My latest adventure

DD loves a good red, so he was miffed to miss out on “Discover Altero”. Altero is a new wine range from South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. Its winemaker, Mike Farmilo, previously created red wines at Penfolds. “Discover Altero” was a Cellarmasters’ event featuring an artisan Italian dinner at Pasta Emilia in Surry Hills, with the […]

That was bliss

Kind souls worry when I don’t publish a blog post, so I put a pic on Facebook yesterday morning that said: “No blog. Gone swimmin’.” It didn’t stop a few people touching base to check “gone swimmin’” wasn’t code for “clinging to the precipice”. But I was fine. Well, I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled […]

It’s come to this

The eldest looked at me like I was totally loopy when I arrived home from the chemist on Saturday arvo raving “Oh my gawd, look what I found!” What I’d found was a 96-pill bottle of Nurofen while I was waiting for the youngest’s EpiPen and cortisone scalp lotion prescriptions to be filled. I had […]

Bit of a shocker

Yesterday wasn’t my favourite. I had a major run-in with the eldest and forgot to a) give them their school lunch and b) check I’d shut the side gate properly after an early morning walk. I was pretty addled as I drove to work, but I threw myself into a big day of writing, which […]