I’ve gone soft

And I’m not talking about my squishy belly. I was hanging the washing out last night when I glanced up at the sky and almost cried. The sunset-tinged clouds were so beautiful! A huge smile spread across my face as I stood mesmerised on my lawn. Until recent years, I didn’t give a toss about […]

Mystery man

I don’t quite understand why, but I’m beyond excited about seeing Taron Egerton play Elton John in Rocketman. I’m fascinated by Taron, he’s avoided becoming a household name or a gossip column staple while being the most amazing chameleon. He’s played roles ranging from Eggsy in Kingsman to Eddie The Eagle and now Elton. And […]

Rough with the smooth

Geez the past week has been a flipping nightmare and an absolute delight, wrapped up together in a gift called life. The nightmare stuff included: The youngest hearing scrabbling and squeaking in the ceiling, me spotting a giant mofo rat in the yard, then hearing scrabbling above my head while I was working from home […]

A very expensive mistake

I got pulled over by the police on Saturday on the freeway. I wasn’t speeding, I wasn’t texting, but I’d done something really, really daft: I’d forgotten to pay my car registration. It was due in November. I’d paid my car insurance and my CTP green slip, but for some bizarre reason the rego had […]

Happy Margarita Day!

Soooo … I followed up my night on the Queen Elizabeth with a trip to Queen Elizabeth Drive yesterday to celebrate World Margarita Day. How very coincidentally regal of me! I’d been invited by Patron Tequila to a celebration at The Bucket List in Bondi. The venue was transformed into a Patrón tequila home, complete […]

That was a bit posh

DD and I had the loveliest time on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship last night. It was the bulkest of fun. We were invited to a Starward Whisky launch – Starward filled two red wine casks with whisky, left one to mature at it’s headquarters in Melbourne and bolted the other to the deck of […]

Five years later

It kinda freaks me out that it’s the fifth anniversary of my marriage ending. It feels like a lifetime ago … and yesterday … both at the same time. Five years. Wow. Every week, the distance between us grows that little bit wider. We’re still in frequent contact due to the demands of parenthood, but […]

I’ve caught FOMO

I should be immune at age 50, but I’ve managed to catch FOMO over the past few weeks. In case you’re not familiar with the term, FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It’s an affliction that usually affects social-media obsessed teenagers. HuffPo describes it as “basically an anxiety or apprehension around the idea that […]

A little too ironic

It kinda sucks when you volunteer to make a dozen cupcakes and help in the kitchen at the high school band intensive workshop on a Sunday – because you’re feeling guilty about pulling the whiny “I’m a single mum” card about helping at another school event on the Friday night – and your child decides […]

Take your narky pants off

Geez people like putting their narky pants on. Yesterday’s ranty radio moment featured people complaining about Valentine’s Day and comparing it to that devilish Halloween as another scourge visited upon us by Americans. I’m not a Valentine’s Day aficionado. I don’t have the slighest interest in receiving teddy bears clutching love hearts or bouquets of […]