I’ve gone soft

And I’m not talking about my squishy belly.

I was hanging the washing out last night when I glanced up at the sky and almost cried. The sunset-tinged clouds were so beautiful!

A huge smile spread across my face as I stood mesmerised on my lawn.

Until recent years, I didn’t give a toss about natural beauty. I was a concrete jungle girl, through and through.

My idea of recreational fun was shopping in malls, at outlet centres, along Fifth Avenue … Beauty was a Marc Jacobs sale rack.

Now I yearn to meander around New Zealand’s South Island or snorkel on Heron Island … pity I’ve blown all my money on re-registering my bloody car.

I don’t just enjoy looking at nature, I love photographing it too.

I get such a kick out of capturing the moments, which is my excuse for spamming you with some of my favourites from the last few years …


I’ve been so lucky to have those experiences … usually with my spunky boyf by my side.

It’s another reminder that while my life has its dramas, it’s pretty bountiful on balance.

Song of the day: Neil Finn “Love this life”




4 thoughts on “I’ve gone soft

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  1. Alana these pics are so great! You have quite the portfolio! Bilgola at Dawn could be a summer surf movie poster. I hope you’ve had prints made as they’re all frame-worthy!

    1. I’ve done a few prints and then I find I have nowhere to hang them so they’re just propped up on furniture. They would also be much better quality if I learned to use an actual camera instead of a phone.

      1. The propped up on furniture look is cool I think. I’m also a phone photographer but plan to buy and learn to use a camera – I haven’t had one since 2012!

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