Enough with the Halloween hate

It's only early on October 31, but my Facebook feed is already peppered with Halloween hate. Lots of "I don't get it" and "It's not an Australian custom" moans. There's nothing to "get" - it's just a bit of fun. And the only reason it's not an Australian custom is a twist of fate. As... Continue Reading →

This is what a $2400 fence looks like …

I just clickbaited you. I teased you with a headline about my insanely expensive fence, but I didn't show you a picture. You had to click on my blog post to see it. Does that make you cross? Do you feel manipulated? I'm a bit over the whole "Ermagerd! You CLICKBAITED me!" outrage thing. My... Continue Reading →

Privacy issues

People are funny. At some point during my house's 80-year history, the neighbourhood decided it was so friendly no-one needed timber privacy fences. They went for those low metal ones you get in school yards instead. Maybe they were Queenslanders. I have a mate who reckons its quite the done thing in northern climes, something... Continue Reading →

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