Enough with the Halloween hate

It’s only early on October 31, but my Facebook feed is already peppered with Halloween hate. Lots of “I don’t get it” and “It’s not an Australian custom” moans. There’s nothing to “get” – it’s just a bit of fun. And the only reason it’s not an Australian custom is a twist of fate. As […]

This is what a $2400 fence looks like …

I just clickbaited you. I teased you with a headline about my insanely expensive fence, but I didn’t show you a picture. You had to click on my blog post to see it. Does that make you cross? Do you feel manipulated? I’m a bit over the whole “Ermagerd! You CLICKBAITED me!” outrage thing. My […]

An ex-boyfriend got me thinking …

I burst into laughter when this image appearing in my Facebook feed yesterday … Lots of my female friends “liked” it and made funny comments. They said stuff like “it’s so round” and “nice piece.” Bwahahahaha. And then my first boyfriend (we dated for six years from when I was 16!) wrote: “Just looking for […]

I’m a jiggly jumper

Three years ago, when the eldest was eight, she wrote a poem about me at school. It went like this … My mum is orange She is spring time Mum is in the kitchen She is warm Mum is a jiggly jumper She is a little lounge Mum is Mr Bean It’s funny how other […]

Privacy issues

People are funny. At some point during my house’s 80-year history, the neighbourhood decided it was so friendly no-one needed timber privacy fences. They went for those low metal ones you get in school yards instead. Maybe they were Queenslanders. I have a mate who reckons its quite the done thing in northern climes, something […]

Finally! Bedroom trapeze time

I started to feel a little swoony last night. DD and I were on the bed, hooking the trapeze up. Not this sort of trapeze … We’re not that old yet. This trapeze … Yep, finally, there’s a swing set in the youngest’s bedroom. I sent her a photo and she wrong back: “Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnk yoooooooooooouuuuuuu!” […]

DD demands a retraction

DD has been a bit huffy since I wrote that blog about our text life tapering off. He insists we’re still at it like rabbits. You’d think I’d sledged his manhood or something. Last night at 10pm I got a message informing me we’d texted 120 times that day. See, that’s how seriously he’s taking […]

8 fun Halloween recipes

Halloween tends to get some Aussies a bit agitated. I was (sort of) the same before I lived in New York. I didn’t see the point of it (but I skipped the righteous ranting). After experiencing trick or treating on the Upper West Side I was hooked. I loved the community spirit of the night, which […]

That time I grew a unicorn horn

I spent from 4.30pm to 9.30pm yesterday at a school band concert. By the time I harassed the youngest into bed it was close to 10pm. I didn’t have any creativity left in me. I also start work at 6am, so there wasn’t much time to be creative this morning. Hence, I am going to […]

You know how the sex tapers off over time?

Well, I’ve discovered the same thing happens with texting. DD and I have been dating a year now and the “dotting” is down from around 500 messages a day to only 30, sometimes less. Sigh. I miss it. But it wasn’t sustainable. Eventually we both had to eat, sleep, work and parent a little more […]