Enough with the Halloween hate

It’s only early on October 31, but my Facebook feed is already peppered with Halloween hate. Lots of “I don’t get it” and “It’s not an Australian custom” moans.

There’s nothing to “get” – it’s just a bit of fun. And the only reason it’s not an Australian custom is a twist of fate.

As news.com.au notes: “None of our objections actually make sense.

“It’s nonsensical to complain that Halloween is a foreign pastime when so much of Australian culture harks back to a British heritage.

“British settlers took the tradition to the US and Canada in the 17th and 18th centuries, where it was enthusiastically embraced. It only bypassed Australia because of an accident of timing, according to the Washington Post, with colonisation coinciding with a Victorian backlash against the holiday.

“Do we really need to stick to buttoned-up 19th-century morality judgments?”

No. We. Don’t.

I quite enjoy Halloween. The kids get so excited and it’s a real community event in my neighbourhood. It’s warm and friendly and fun.

I’ve also written a few stories for Kidspot, including 13 ways to celebrate Halloween without trick or treating and one I’m rather pleased with that totally tanked called Ritzy Sydney suburb begs for Halloween lolly donations (I was such a smart arse in it, snigger).

My kids have been planning their night for months.

Last night they even discussed tactics over dinner, with the eldest pondering whether she’d skip lunch today to leave more room for lollies.

So much for any lasting impact from That Sugar Film …

There’s also been much to-do over costumes. We’re making a last-minute dash to the local party shop today for extra wounds to enhance the youngest’s zombie costume.

The eldest, meanwhile, will spend the day using glue and a red texta to cover herself in fake injuries.

Celebs have been gearing up for Halloween for weeks too, visiting pumpkin patches and test-driving costumes.

David Campbell wins the prep contest with a video he posted on Instagram, captioned: “For Halloween we are going as Ghostbusters. So when I interviewed Dan Aykroyd I asked if he could wish Leo luck. He did this. No words.”

I can’t work out how to embed it, so click here to see it.

Plus, here’s a gallery of celebrity Instagram shots with a pre-Halloween theme.

Song of the day: Redbone “Witch queen of New Orleans”

7 thoughts on “Enough with the Halloween hate

  1. Yes, I so agree. We let our children dress up, and we had Halloween parties. Now the children are grown, and now it is our grandchildren’s turn. I used to to similar arguments. It is fun and the children love dressing up. I hate the anti-American arguments. Enjoy today and good luck with your daughter getting the colours off afterwards. And best reason for liking Halloween doing the rounds of FB; Halloween sounds like ‘hello wine’.

  2. I made it a resolution that I wouldn’t be mean to kids on Halloween this year. So if some are brave enough to knock on our door (after last year when I snarled at them that I hadn’t decorated the house like it had suggested on the leaflet in our letterbox so I wasn’t participating and their looks said that it couldn’t be true because obviously I was a witch) they will get a cute little loaf of banana bread made from the remains of the dead bananas in our fridge. Can’t get more halloweeny than that surely.

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