My Halloween happy snaps

I’m calling it: 2015 was the year that Halloween went kaboom in Australia.

My Facebook feed was totally chockers with friends posting pics of their kids and themselves in costume. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And everyone looked like they were having THE best time.

The youngest and I battled the crowds first thing in the morning to get some extra Halloween make-up from the local party shop, where the queue was quite something.

Then we headed to Target for some white leggings to destroy with fake blood.

Then it was home to start crafting.

The eldest lazed on the lounge all day watching tellie, idly drawing wounds on herself with glue and a red texta.

At 4pm we headed to our Halloween base: my friend Fee’s house. Fee lives in the epicentre of Halloween central for our suburb. She stocked up with more than 1000 lollies this year.

Kids started trick or treating at 3.30pm. She told them to come back at 4pm. Go her!

My Halloween was a little lonelier than usual – both kids were mortified at the thought of having a parent with them, so I trailed along on my own, spotting them every now and then in the streets.

Then I adjourned back to Fee’s house for a glass of rose on the front lawn to watch the passing fun, which included a group of grown-ups dressed as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and a storm trooper.

I’d dressed up as a witch, so I can’t diss them. I think it was cool so many adults joined in the fun.

DD’s daughter had applied the most awesome fake wound to his face, but he didn’t get to show it off at the barbie: I was worn out by 8pm and meandered my way home before he could put in a last-minute appearance at the party.

Damn! He looked so cool!

Here are some pics from the day, I was particularly proud of the shot I took of the youngest after getting her to roll her eyes back in her head … I couldn’t stop giggling at my handiwork (I created it with gelatin – fab tip from the zombie schoolgirl who served me at Bunnings yesterday):

Did your kids celebrate Halloween? 

2 thoughts on “My Halloween happy snaps

  1. We don’t do Halloween but it’s really probably for no other reason than we don’t live in a st or area that does anything. Plus I am so much of a party pooper I just don’t get into the house decorating or dress ups lol. A friend of ours has recently moved to the US and she loves this kind of thing and has been decorating her house for the last week gradually a little bit more each day. Until it was ready for Halloween. I am the same at Christmas! I hate the decorating process (love when everyone else does though lol) and can’t wait to get them all down. If we lived in an area where it was celebrated and we knew all the neighbours (sort of) but was a family friendly thing then we might do it but it isn’t really. Never say never though. Love your work! xoxoxo

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