Blog and be damned

HouseGoesHome – much as I love it – has come to symbolise the collapse of my marriage. Its birth coincided with a terrible turning point in my relationship. I didn’t notice. I was busy trying to glue myself back together after my career, health and parenting took a beating. I look back and realise the […]

Holding back the years

I found a card while I was clearing out the attic. It said … I love you and I miss you and I will see you soon. I loved you all bright eyed and energetic when I left this morning. I look forward to loving you more when I get back. It made me very […]

Logies 2014: all the best selfies

What was your verdict on the Logies last night? As usual it went waaaaaaay too late, not wrapping up until around midnight, there were mixed reviews of Kylie Minogue’s performance including allegations on Twitter that she was miming, and Richard Wilkins won the award for worst joke of the night when he announced: “It’s official: Scott […]


Now as a man is like this or like that, according as he acts and according as he behaves, so will he be; a man of good acts will become good, a man of bad acts, bad; he becomes pure by pure deeds, bad by bad deeds; And here they say that a person consists […]

HouseGoesHollywood: 3 celebrity births and guess who shagged a clown?

It was quite the week in Hollywood. OK, slight understatment there. Drew Barrymore gave birth, Tori Spelling’s shaky sex life was exposed, Julia Louis Dreyfus simulated sex with a clown, Jodie Foster got married and someone got one hell of a makeover … >> Can you guess which sexy singer has transformed herself into an […]

Throwing the pie

I’ve blogged about throwing the key lime pie. I’ve received phone calls and messages from people urging me to stop throwing the key lime pie. Puhlease. I haven’t thrown the key lime pie. I haven’t even baked it yet. I’ve just researched lots of recipes, fantasised about making them and shared a few of my […]

Confession: My dopamine addiction

I’m hooked on seratonin too … and oxytocin … But before you stage an intervention, let me explain … I’m not a science geek (although I do love a good dinosaur or galaxy discovery) but in my search for inner peace following my marriage break-up – which keeps being thwarted by 3am mental gymnastics – […]