On with the Show

I got a few funny looks when I mentioned I was going to the Royal Easter Show with my ex yesterday.

But it’s one of those things we’ve always done as a family that felt strange to no longer enjoy as a foursome.

Husband collected us at the ungodly hour of 8am because I’d insisted we get there at sparrow’s fart to beat the Easter Monday crowds. Fortunately it meant we got the park to beat all parks, literally 20 steps from the entry gates.


Less awesome was that none of the rides were operating yet (my cunning plan was to knock them over before the queues got insane).

But patience is a virtue. Passing the time at the laughing clowns less so … some cheap crap and $25 later …

Normally I would wait patiently on the sidelines while the rest of the family went on rides, but I thought bugger it. Bugger the insane expense, bugger the fear.

I started with a tango train ride that made me giggle and squeal …

Then I moved on to the Taipan with the eldest and Husband. The photo speaks for itself really …


Bulk fun. (Don’t tell the eldest I’ve posted it on social media she will FREAK.)

We checked out some rather dashing afghans at the dog arena, who were being judged by a man in a lavender suit (yes, really).


We munched on honey donut holes in the produce pavilion while perusing out the fruit and veg display. They were nom nom.


We took a stickybeak inside the arts and crafts pavilion … yep, that really is a knitted David Tennant and the Tardis beside a knitted nativity scene featuring the cast of South Park.


We did the animal walk, including snaring front-row seats at the chook washing (always one of my favourites), holding our noses in the pig exhibit, and patting small furry things in the animal nursery.


Then we found an off-the-beated-track cafe frequented by country folk for a damn good – and relatively cheap – steak sandwich.

We humoured Husband by agreeing to watch a bit of wood chopping. But good on him for dragging us there – what would the Show be without a bit of wood chopping?

Sadly we forgot to alert Husband’s show-jumping cousin that we were visiting and missed him by minutes. Damn.


We grimaced in horror at a hairless cat in the domestic animals pavilion.

And we survived the showbag pavilion, which I swear is populated by more crapulous crap every year. Husband grabbed a Darrell Lea rocky road showbag, the youngest went for a showbag with a skateboard in it, while the eldest opted for a build-you-own-teddy bear one, much to Husband’s dismay. But their grandparents had given them money to spend so we had to suck it up.

Geez we were knacked when we stagger back to the car at 4.30pm.

Driving home felt just like old times, until Husband dropped the three of us off and headed back to his place. That was back to the real world with a bit of a thud.

But I’m glad we did it together as a family. It was fun.

What’s your favourite part of the Show?




4 thoughts on “On with the Show

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  1. My favourite part of the show is always the same – the exit sign. I put up with it for my son but am counting the days till he is old enough to go on his own

  2. Not being a Sydneysider by birth, I haven’t been for years, it is not in my blood. But my favourite is the Wood-chopping experienced as a child at seaside town Shows while on summer holidays. I am always in awe of how clever and fast they are up and down those tall poles!

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