Bedroom bliss

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. Not because I was bleeeeeaaaaaak, which is usually the reason people don’t want to get out of bed … or because they’re lazy or really good at sleeping or something, like my 12-year-old, who could quite happily stay under the covers until lunchtime. She doesn’t […]

“Who the hell are you???”

“You must really love swimming,” one of my colleagues noted when I told her I’d been kayaking and splashing in the surf on the weekend. “Yes!” I replied. Then I paused, a little startled by my answer, and added, “Actually, I can’t swim. I’ve always hated the water … until lately.” Two years ago, I […]

I gave myself a Brazilian

“One thing you might not know about me is that I am a punctual person,” Mrs Woog wrote yesterday. “This is a recent phenomenon, rearing its head about the same time that I became obsessed with the weather forecast and when I started selecting clothing based on whether it would crush or not. It is […]

The universe sent me … dolphins

Back in 2014, when I was feeling a little down, the universe sent me a pig. It’s pretty hard to stay miz when a squealing pig runs past you in a suburban Sydney street. It kinda startles you out of it. Yesterday, the universe got jack of my middle-class-white-girl moping about life’s challenges and one-upped […]

Farking Masterchef

The youngest has always loved cooking, but she’s become a bit obsessed lately. I blame it on watching Masterchef every night. She even makes her own bread now. She wanted to make her own pasta yesterday. From scratch. She’s 10! I said NO! Saying “NO!” to making pasta didn’t really make my day any easier. […]

Ignorance isn’t always bliss

So how about that Brexit shocker yesterday? Confession: I was pretty oblivious during the morning because I was being brain numbed at a ABAC briefing, then wafting around Northbridge School of Visual Arts trying on jewellery and admiring the art … It was only when I asked DD how his day was going and he […]

What on earth will I say?

Many years ago I had my one and only public speaking gig. It was in Newcastle, just after I finished up as editor of Woman’s Day. I filled my speech with lots of celebrity anecdotes and it seemed to get quite a few laughs, though my mum remains slightly embarrassed to this day by my […]

Romance isn’t dead

Earlier this week I bemoaned the rise of Tinder and the death of romance. It prompted a friend and Facebook follower to note: “I want romance but wonder like Jennifer Garner said if anyone does that anymore. Where are the gentlemen?” She’s talking about Jen’s Vanity Fair interview, where she was asked if she could see […]

Rebel heart

I was the exact opposite of a rebel as a teenager. No detention. Never grounded. Always the good girl. I get a bit cross sometimes that I never got the chance to be BAD. Well, sort of, not really. I’m highly intolerant of people who do THE WRONG THING. Even little stuff like NOT KEEPING […]

The trials of Tinder

I found myself irresistibly drawn to media coverage of that Tinder court case yesterday. You know the trial I mean: the bloke, Zane Alchin, who wrote a string of vile messages on Facebook about a woman’s Tinder photograph and description of herself. He’s facing up to three years in jail, which will set a welcome precedent […]