Bedroom bliss

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Not because I was bleeeeeaaaaaak, which is usually the reason people don't want to get out of bed ... or because they're lazy or really good at sleeping or something, like my 12-year-old, who could quite happily stay under the covers until lunchtime. She doesn't... Continue Reading →

“Who the hell are you???”

"You must really love swimming," one of my colleagues noted when I told her I'd been kayaking and splashing in the surf on the weekend. "Yes!" I replied. Then I paused, a little startled by my answer, and added, "Actually, I can't swim. I've always hated the water ... until lately." Two years ago, I... Continue Reading →

Romance isn’t dead

Earlier this week I bemoaned the rise of Tinder and the death of romance. It prompted a friend and Facebook follower to note: "I want romance but wonder like Jennifer Garner said if anyone does that anymore. Where are the gentlemen?" She's talking about Jen's Vanity Fair interview, where she was¬†asked if she could see... Continue Reading →

Rebel heart

I was the exact opposite of a rebel as a teenager. No detention. Never grounded. Always the good girl. I get a bit cross sometimes that I never got the chance to be BAD. Well, sort of, not really. I'm highly intolerant of people who do THE WRONG THING. Even little stuff like NOT KEEPING... Continue Reading →

The trials of Tinder

I found myself irresistibly¬†drawn to media coverage of that Tinder court case yesterday. You know the trial I mean: the bloke, Zane Alchin, who wrote a string of vile messages on Facebook about a woman's Tinder photograph and description of herself. He's facing up to three years in jail, which will set a welcome precedent... Continue Reading →

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